Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Occasional Previews: What I'm Buying This Week

Follow along with your own picks using this handy-dandy list from Diamond...

Okay, all, I don't want to seem like a party-pooper, but I looked at this list, and the only thing I'm defnitely planning to buy is...

Okay true believers, is there anything else you think is a must-buy? Or do I save my money this week and get that damn haircut I keep putting off instead?


  1. I don't see any Vertigo books on that list for some reason but both Fables (the conclusion of the great Flycatcher arc) and Northlanders (Brian Wood's great new viking series) are coming out this week and are solid bets.

  2. The following might be worth your coin:

    Dark Horse: Little Lulu Vol 18 The Expert $10.95 (hey, FOL is named after her, after all!)

    DC: Incognegro HC, $19.99 (looks REALLY good)
    Diana Prince Wonder Woman TP Vol 1, $19.99 (reprint of some old WW comics)
    Thor Visionaries Walt Simonson TP Vol 5, $24.99 (It's Thor! By Simonson!)

    OK, they're all graphic novels, and it's probably cheaper to get them online. But not bad choices, certainly.

  3. I'd recommend Nightwing #141 to you, Val. Tomasi really seems to have a good feel for him (and Superman) and it's shaping up to making Dick Grayson HAPPY again.

    I'm also going to pick up JSA, Teen Titans Year One, and I'm on the fence about Supergirl and the Twelve. Don't know what my budget's going to look like for this week.

  4. I strongly recommend OMEGA and the deleriously fun and creative METAL MEN.

    Personally, I am a big WWII era/Golden Age geek, so I am looking FWD to JSA and the All Star Companion v3 tpb.

  5. The only comic I'm picking up is Omega. But I'm going to suggest something out of left field and recommend picking up some manga! All the kids are reading it these days! It doesn't hurt to learn what all the fun is about!

    I've only been reading shonen (straight boys) manga. There's also shojo (straight girls), yaoi (gay boys) and yuri (gay girls) manga. The digest break out into like $8 for 8 issues. Try some! I'd love to know what a former mainstream editor thinks!

  6. I'm curious about Uncanny X-Men post-Messiah Complex. Will Brubaker do a good job with Emma Frost??

  7. Wait -- you're not getting Maintenance from Oni? You're missing out on some great stuff, and this next issue (I believe) is going to feature Cobra McPunchy, the coolest anthropomorphic shark since Jabberjaw! :)

  8. Justice Society of America no 12
    Uncanny X-Men no 495

  9. The Twelve #2
    JSA #12
    Uncanny #495

    I'll prob get the MODOK's 11 TPB online so it's cheaper. Finally out!

  10. The Twelve has been great. Issue #2 even better than the first. It really blew me away.

  11. Amazing Spider-Man
    Moon Knight
    Ms. Marvel
    Omega The Unknown
    Infinity Inc.
    Teen Titans Year One
    Metal Men

    A very nice week.

  12. Still no love for Supergirl?

    The last 3 issues have repaired some of the damage to the character from the early issues.

    No crazy Zor-El. No Kara as Columbine-like killer. No lazy slacker Kara.

    It's not Linda Danvers ... but it's better.

  13. Annihilation: Conquest
    Modok's 11 TP (lotsa fun)

  14. This week I'm getting Omega the Unknown, Buffy, Nightwing and Runaways (if it hasn't bee delayed again).

  15. If you haven't checked it out yet, Wasteland #14 comes out this week, a series I've been wholeheartedly enjoying. I believe that this is the start of a new storyline and a good jumping-on point.

    For Metal Men, if you haven't been following, I'd just wait for the trade (itsissue #6 of 8). Duncan Roleau's art is just amazing, and the story's a weird-fun jaunt through time and evil robots.

    I'm also picking up Doktor Sleepless #5, but can't in good conscience recommend it yet.

  16. Anj, I agree that Supergirl has really improved these last few issues, but the problem is that I really have no idea what the direction of the book is supposed to be. Reactron looks to be an interesting villain, but nothing really seems to be HAPPENING in the book. I want Kara to get her own supporting cast outside of the Superman group, to really find out what makes her a unique and fully-fleshed character. I jumped onboard to support Renato Guedes as the artist for the three fill-in issues and stuck around to see what Kelly Puckett was bringing to the table, but sadly I'm just scratching my head.

  17. I completely agree Lewis.

    The Supergirl title has no supporting cast, no vision, no direction.

    But better this than no supporting cast, no vision, no direction and terrible characterization of Kara that we saw in the first 22.

  18. Buffy #11
    Batman Confidential #12
    Countdown #12 (yeah, let the ribbing start...)
    Detective Comics #841
    Teen Titans Year One #2
    True Story #10 (which I can't believe no one has mentioned yet)
    Anita Blake #8
    Speed Racer #1

    I remember seeing The Boys listed as coming out this week also, but it ain't there. Add that and both Fables to my list.

  19. New TRUE STORY, SWEAR TO GOD this week!

    This is the engagement issue, where I propose to Lily.


  20. I'll second the recommendation for Maintenance #8, and I'm also expecting:

    The Boys #15
    Countdown #12 (Who will be killed to death in this issue? Or will this feature a Vertigo crossover and/or a guest appearance by Motorhead's Lemmy, i.e. will people be Killed By Death?)

    *crickets chirping*

    moving right along...

    Countdown Special OMAC (I have a soft spot for reprints in this format)
    Doktor Sleepless #5
    Gyakushu Vol 2 GN
    Justice Society Of America #12
    Marvel Illustrated Moby Dick #1 (no drum solo jokes until next issue...)
    Northlanders #3
    Omega the Unknown #5
    The Twelve #2
    Vinyl Underground #5 (can't decide: let the first storyline finish or punt right now?)

    And, not a comic, but:
    Men Of Mystery Presents Dick Tracy's G-Men DVD (special ordered months ago)