Thursday, February 21, 2008

Marvel Promo Art: Wolverine Is A Skrull???

C'mon, ya gotta love this.

Tho really, after all this Skrull promo art, some of these characters really ought to turn out to be Skrulls.


  1. The great thing about Wolverine & Spidey is -- they're everywhere. They can be Skrulls and not-Skrulls at the same time. It'd go a long way toward explaining their ubiquity -- while, of course, opening up a whole 'nother can o' worms: Who was what, when?

  2. Wolverine has already been a Skrull. So has Iron Fist. Storm too, I think.

  3. You know, I think one of the big questions should be this:

    Are the Skrull spies AWARE that they are Skrulls? Are they sleepers who have to be "activated" or are they in hiding and know that?

    The answer to that question could make for some interesting situations.

  4. i keep saying: mephisto is a skrull!

  5. I'll read this event because it's Bendis and I enjoy his writing, but I just can't find *any* capacity to care. I'm not trying to be droll or smarmy, either. Like, with Planet Hulk, I cared about the vengeance Hulk was unleashing; with Civil War, I got into the whole pro-reg/ anti-reg argument; with House of M, I got into the whole ideal world thing; but with Skrulls, I'm just like "meh." I mean, I know I don't have the most enthusiastic view of mainstream comics, but does anyone else feel such...apathy?

  6. At least Spidey finally dumped that Skrull he was married to...

  7. Rob! What are you talking about? Spidey? Married? Why would he do that, dude? Guy has it MADE. He's a "swinging" single. Get it? 'cause he "swings" on webs...& with the ladies! Hahaha haw. Getting married would just slow him down! Plus, moving out of your mom's house is such a PAIN. He's only a thirty-something, dude, cut him some slack! Some sad, pathetic slack.

  8. mordicai:

    What's more, MJ and Spidey in One More Day were both Skrulls as well! The best part is that each of them knew the other ones were Skrulls but didn't know that the others knew all three of them were Skrulls. So they all just played along with each other -- "I never had a wife. Right.".

    And Harry? Skrull, obviously. ASM is all-Skrull all the time now. Whenever it stops selling so well, they'll just go back to the real Spidey, MJ and Mephisto...

  9. That's it. That's how they get out of the dog's breakfast they've made of Earth-616.

    Everybody on earth is a Skrull.

    Some know, some don't. But they're ALL Skrulls. When this is revealed, there's no longer any reason to follow Earth-616, and the Ultimate Universe becomes the only one!

    So help me Stan. God, I'm brilliant.

  10. Uh, to be honest I'm not too interested in this Skrull Invasion thing Marvel has going.

    It seems sorta cheap and foolish to me. And I am not too big a fan of Bendis writing event books as House Of M, Secret War, Illuminati, Avengers: Disassembled, etc – have left me more just cold, I am flat out not interested anymore.

    A shame really because I think Bendis is generally excellent. But don't feel Bendis is too good at the event comic.

    Anything involving Wolverine or the X-men is almost certainly guaranteed to make me avoid it.

  11. Why would Skrulls disguise themselves as superheroes instead of my neighbor Jennifer or Roman? Seems to me like the Highland Condominums on Greenwood Ave is a safer place to hide from Marvel's superheroes than say Stark Tower.



    I'm not opposed to it on principal. I liked House of M.

  13. Well, if replacing a superhero is accompanied by removing them it's understandable. A threat is off the grid and nobody asks any questions. Otherwise, there are perks with regard to access that your neighbor wouldn't have (SHIELD facilities, databases, equipment, training, oblivious allies, opportunities for sabotage, etc.).

    A lot of the heroes also don't appear to have obligations and responsibilities that ordinary people deal with. If replacing a superhero means free room and board at Stark Tower, the X-mansion, Camp Hammond, then that's nice too. No?

  14. Juan & Kevin,

    I think both of you are on the money for why I'm so unenthusiastic. I liked House of M, but I don't know that I was in love with it. Good point, Juan, that Bendis isn't the man for summer events.

    Kevin - I think you point out a pretty large logic hole that maybe has been bugging me subconsciously. There's just no sense in the Skrulls disguising themselves as heroes. I don't understand the premise at all....

  15. Shouldn't that be "WHOM do you trust?" Perhaps good grammar is a key for telling Skrull from non-Skrull. Hmmm...

  16. Well, I think it may be more advantageous for the Skrulls to pose as C-level heroes or associates. Say, for instance Wong or Jessica Jones.

    Still close enough to do damage without having to deal with the logical problems a Skrull posing as Wolverine or another major hero would run in to.

    Such as if Luke Cage were to call Cyclops on the phone and ask him where Wolvirine was last Tuesday- Cyclops may say Breakworld or Genosha. When Luke was in Japan with Wolverine that same Tuesday.

    Seems the more interactions a major hero would have, the greater the potentiality for being exposed. I mean Marvel is full of genius scientists, inventors, investigators and such, no?

  17. rocketeerz: That is a big question, and I really hope that the sleepers have to know who they are, because otherwise all bets are off and literally anyone could be a Skrull and that is boring.

    I read House of M waaay after the fact in trade, and really enjoyed it, so I've got no problem with Bendis-blockbusters. I'm almost excited about Secret Invasion, and I'll be tipped over the edge if my suspicions about the next New Avengers turn out to be right.

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  19. James: I think a mixture would be kind of cool... say 75% of the Skrulls know they are Skrulls, but another 25% do not know they are and are sleepers and are a "second wave" if you will...

    I think the mixture would create some good plot devices.

    I'm looking very forward to this... I happen to think this is a MUCH better idea than House of M (which I seriously disliked and was basically Age of Apocalypse all over again in my opinion).

    also, James share with us... what are your suspicions about the next New Avengers?

  20. Since you ask!

    I think Echo is going to be revealed to be a Skrull, and all those times she's read lips through masks/the back of her head etc. are going to have been Bendis/Yu fucking with us, and not bad art.

    (The solicit says Wolverine and Echo are going to "provide some insight" into the Secret Invasion, which I think will be Wolverine figuring out Skrullecho when she fails to recall their encounter in Vision Quest. Pow.)