Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quickie Reviews: Goon #21, X-Force #1, Salvation Run #4, Dead of Night #1, Fantastic Four #554

The Goon #21:
This issue is a change of pace, possessing a more somber, apocalyptic tone to it than the book usually has (the quiet, moody cover perhaps a tip-off). That does not mean there are is not sheep-shaving, however. Oh yes -- there is sheep-shaving.
Rating: A
Buy another issue? Yes

X-Force #1: An unusually gory affair that places Logan in the role of whiny tight-assed party-pooper. When Scott Summers is more adventurous than you, you're in trouble. A serviceable story brought to life by the unique and surrealistically realistic art of Clayton Crain.
Rating: B
Buy another issue? I'll try the arc.

Salvation Run #4: The book is starting to miss Bill Willingham, this issue's biggest selling point being a long-drawn out fight between Monsieur Mallah & Gorilla Grodd. Intelligent gorillas beating each other senseless sells. And how did Joker kick Grodd off the cliff?
Rating: B
Buy another issue? Well, I've got this far haven't I?

Dead of Night #1: This Marvel Max horror series is framed like Tales of The Crypt but has more in common with Warren's old Creepy series. Kano's art is amazing and gives the book a far more "indy" feel.
Rating: A-
Buy another issue? Yes

Fantastic Four #554: I wasn't going to buy this but was swayed by Comics Are Expensive's review. Bryan Hitch presents a cinematic tableau that just draws me in and surrounds me. Mark Millar's Fantastic Four seems to combine the best qualities of Lee/Kirby, the movie version, and Millar's own style.
Rating: A
Buy another issue? Part of me wants to just wait for the hardcover.


  1. I enjoyed X-Force mostly just cause I also really enjoyed Operation Zero Tolerance.

  2. Ps> It's fun to read X-Force AFTER you read X-Factor, especially after Jamie takes the crazy nutjobs on by himself.

  3. Dead of Night was good fun (although I'm not sure if a cardstock cover is worth an extra dollar.)!!

    If I had enough for Fantastic number 554, I bet I'd be praising it to no end.


  4. "Salvation Run #4: The book is starting to miss Bill Willingham"

    Really? It's not as if Willingham was doing such a bang-up job either. The man just can't seem to write established characters and his dialogue is atrocious.

  5. I have to agree with Paul here. Willingham's mainstream work has been really hit & miss.

    That being said, may I never be so jaded that two gorillas beating the hell out of each other fails to excite me.

    Gorillas = Comics.

  6. Re: Fantastic Four #554.
    Hitch's art is a tiny bit lazy.
    Page 2, panel 2: Bullets don't look like that after being fired. They shouldn't have the shell casing.
    Page 8, panel 1: Check out the proportion of Johnny Storm's legs. He's a dwarf!
    Page 21-22, panel 7: What on earth is Alyssa Moy doing? Is she trying to sit on Sue? Her right leg appears to be resting on Sue's right shoulder. WTH?
    That's it.

  7. Millar's Fantastic Four seems to combine the best qualities of Lee/Kirby, the movie version...

    What was the best quality of the movie? The catering?

  8. "What was the best quality of the movie? The catering?"

    it was likeable. certainly not deep. but likeable.

    Also, Fantastic Four was a kids movie if I ever saw one, a throwback to those action-adventure kids movies I enjoyed growing up. I'd sooner have an eight-year-old watch Fantastic Four than Spider-Man 3 or Batman Begins