Saturday, February 23, 2008

JMS @ DC: I Predicted It!

As I predicted in an earlier post, it looks like indeed J. Michael Straczynski has DC Comics in his future. From my original post on 2/8/08:

If I was sitting in the DC executive seat (sometime around when pigs fly and that The Dark Knight Heath Ledger talking doll with a pull-string comes out), I'd probably look to get Brian Michael Bendis & JM Straczynski . I have no inside information on that, I'm just trending this out.

From Newsarama's WonderCon coverage today:

"DiDio then announced a special panelist - J. Michael Straczynski. DiDio said that Straczynski will be working with DC Comics in the very near future.

DiDio welcomed JMS to the panel, and said that it was exciting for him personally to bring him to DC, as he's a huge Babylon 5 fan.

JMS said that he has always been a massive DC fan, and has more Curt Swan original artwork than he can describe. "The chance to work in the new universe is a great opportunity," JMS said.

He added that he's looking at projects for later this year and the first part of next year, to which DiDio added that he has an open door and is more than welcome to work on anything he'd like."

Usually, I get paid a consultancy fee. But that's ok.


  1. Where will I be working this year?

  2. If I were Lois Lane... I'd be verrrry worried.

  3. Not sure why he's gone to DC - I got the impression what soured his Marvel experience was the editorially-mandated nature of Brand New Day that undid everything he brought to the Spidey mythos. I gather DC isn't above directing content to writers who work on the big cash-cow properties.

    Those tarot cards of yours seem to have made an oddly-specific prediction - are you sure you didn't mix some DC/Marvel trading cards into the deck by mistake?

  4. Nice call, Val.

    On the Bendis side of that prediction, I don’t see DC managing to get him for the kind of heavy lifting he’s doing over at Marvel. That boy loooooves his Ultimate Spider-Man, and Powers is being printed under the Icon line. Pursuing him is a good idea from a business standpoint, but even if DC gets him for something, I’d be surprised it was for a long run on a title, at least for the next three years or so.

    The preceding paragraph falls under Internet Rule 2b: unqualified person speculating on matters he has insufficient knowledge about. Its contents should not be used for investments decisions, relationship advice, or determining the fate of the universe.

  5. I never been to big a fan of JMS' writing. Other than sticking their thumb at Marvel- DC reader's can expect a lot of strong starts and craptacular middle and endings? Hmm.

  6. Good call, Val!

    I don't see Bendis joining him, though. Bendis is like *super* loyal to Quesada for giving Bendis his first big break on Ultimate Spider-Man. Also, remember the big hoopla over Bendis discussing the DareDevil/ Batman crossover a few years back? The current DC execs seem to hold long grudges, and I don't see that changing.

    Now Millar...all depends on how he and Morrison are getting along these days.

  7. Put me under Patrick's Rule 2b as well! lol

  8. I'm happy for DC they signed JMS. He'll boost sales.
    That said, I actually quite dislike him as a writer. His need to add intentionality to character's origins, and his far-too-wordy single issues leave me cold.

  9. Nice prediction, Val. I'll do one of my own now:

    I predict Gail Simone will be announced as the writer of a Harley Quinn/Mary Marvel/Holly "Catwoman" team-up book spinning out of Countdown.

  10. I got the impression what soured his Marvel experience was the editorially-mandated nature of BND that undid everything he brought to the Spidey mythos. . .

    Well, once you do a run on Marvel's flagship title, the rest of its prospects won't look as pretty. Also, Straczynski stated that he wrote Sins Past with the belief that it c/would be retconned away later.

    What I'm saying is, regardless of how his run turned out, he wouldn't have been a Marvel mainstay after Amazing.

    I don’t see DC managing to get Bendis for the kind of heavy lifting he’s doing over at Marvel.

    I totally agree with this. Hasn't Bendis been noted as the Architect of the modern MU? The way I see it, he's Marvel's Geoff Johns, and the guy who's at the core of Marvel events like House of M and Secret Invasion is the guy who's NOT moving anytime soon.

  11. I get the impression it's less like DC courted JMS and more like JMS decided to spread himself out and reached out to DC...

  12. At long last, DC's characters will finally have the chance to embark on bouts of navel-gazing of epic proportions, only to discover in the end that yes, we are all made of star-stuff.

  13. I'm frankly shocked JMS could have any ideas for Superman left after Red Son. ;)

  14. If JMS wrote Red Son, it'd be all about McCarthyism and how it was really important and none of us understand how scary it was, and that's why Clark supported the registration act. No, wait...

  15. The JMS prediction has been making the rounds for awhile. But Bendis won't leave Marvel anytime soon. He has pledged that he's there as long as Quesada is, because he has that kind of loyalty and happiness at Marvel. He'd be the much bigger get of the two here. But I'm willing to give JMS a shot.