Friday, February 08, 2008

Occasional Links: The Comics Are Expensive Edition

"Comics Are Expensive"

Proudly presenting Occasional Superheroine's grand-spanking new weekly review column by noted Expertologist Chris Lamb, "COMICS ARE EXPENSIVE."

Chris Lamb is a writer and games designer living in New York. He's been a fan of comics of all kinds for twelve years or so, despite regular attempts by the medium to make him think differently.

Read by literally tens of people each month, Expertologist is a place for thinking out loud about the nature, culture, and playing of games. More interested in being a miscellany of ideas growing up in public than a site with any kind of focus, Expertologist enjoys taking games apart for the bits that make them fun, make them not work, or just the bits allowing for easy jokes and post titles riffing on pop songs.

So please welcome Chris to the OS staff and look for his review column later today!

Burt Ward Gallery

Teh Hotness.

Corey Is Back


The Business Of Dead Superheroes talks to Marvel's VP of Sales and Marketing David Gabriel, who admits that while "horribly cliched," deaths in comics sell:
"Gabriel said it's tough pushing some books on a consistent basis. People in his business have the blockbuster movies and videogames to thank for bolstering demand. With the exception of the diehard fans, this is what gets people into the 3,500 or so comic book shops nationwide these days. Slap the death and resurrection of a flagship character in there, and you've got a surge in the franchise."
Which is probably why this title is so successful:


click here for the full view! NSFW!


Put on your Rocky The Flying Squirrel suit and jump off a cliff!

submitted by Tom Beland


  1. For the record, Jean has her legs tucked up and held in place to keep them out of the sewage below. Really.

    And looking forward to Chris's column. :)

  2. Isn't it dangerous to open a parachute that close to the ground? And I wonder if the suit could be developed where you wouldn't even need one to land.

  3. I'm sorry, but even if I grew tentacles I would not be hanging out in the sewers caressing rats. There's something seriously wrong with her.

  4. where did you find that outtake from Schumacher's "Batman & Robin"?

  5. The story involved the Morlocks, so the sewer was kind of unavoidable. I have no idea what the rat-fondling is about, though.