Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Occasional Links: The Lex Is Leaving Edition

Old-Skool Popeye Will Mess You UP

He'll punch ya in ya jewels. And eat spinach when you cry.

Afraid of Popeye:

All kinds of awesome:

Came up inexplicably in Google Image search results and I figured, "what the hell...":

Is There a Link Between Valentine's Day And Infidelity?

"The National Retail Federation predicts that over $17 billion will be spent on Valentine's gifts this year. A significant portion of that money will be spent by cheaters buying gifts for their secret lovers, and most of these gifts will be delivered in person – either on Valentine´s Day, the day before, or the day after."

It is also estimated that Mephisto steals approximately 2,700 marriages during the holiday as well.

Wide-open social calendar during Valentine's Day:

Approximately how many times men have either used my name as a variation of "Valentine" or "Valkyrie": 27. Annoying? Yes.

Did The Cloverfield Monster First Appear In GI Joe?

Via Tom Biro's blog is a story about a first appearance of the Cloverfield monster in the 1980s GI Joe cartoon. Is it true? You be the judge. Remember, knowing is half the battle!

Meanwhile the hit JJ Abrams film continues to make some moviegoers sick...

I'm one of those happy view who get really nauseous during movies or video games with shaky cameras or saturated color -- so I will catch the movie in bite-sized clips on YouTube.

Kwick Kwotables:

" comics have become much more politically correct and political correctness is a disease that is slowly strangling western civilisation."
--Alan Grant

(How long should Lex fans watch Smallville?)
"For only a couple more months, because then I'm done."
--Michael Rosenbaum

"I have failed at my task as Sorcerer Supreme of this dimension. I-I don't think I can help you anymore."
--Doctor Strange, New Avengers Annual #2

He just wore the costume that Alex Ross designed. He's a big Alex Ross fan, basically."
--Ed Brubaker on what deep symbolic significance the new costume represented for Bucky.

VIDEO: "TOM CRUISE IS CRAZY" (can you blame him?)


  1. They've done so much with Lex on Smallville already that maybe it makes sense to end his storyline?

    Rosenbaum is one of the better actors in the show though and I'd miss him.

    P.S. He was the best Flash ever!

  2. ...seeing as how Cloverfield only came out in the UK a few days ago, you might want to consider removing the image of the Cloverfield monster so we can actually get a chance to see it minus the biggest spoiler of all, considering we've been avoiding them for ages and now I have to go spork my eyes out.

  3. Don't worry, that's not the Cloverfield monster. That's more of a Cthulhu sort of thing.

  4. Oh. Well, that's okay then. But how am I supposed to unspork my eyes??!


  5. Hey, my Popeye-crotch-punching got noticed here! Huzzah for old-school-Popeye love! Thankya!

  6. Approximately how many times men have either used my name as a variation of "Valentine" or "Valkyrie": 27.

    Really? That's all?

    I guess it's a good thing we've never met, because I wouldn't be able to resist busting that out 27 times per conversation...

  7. I am DIGGIN' this blog.

    and by that I mean I enjoy it...I'm not using the social networking site digg...sorry for all that confusion back there...

    ...I was a different person when I started this comment, but we've grown and changed together through these sentences I just wrote...through good times and bad..

    ...maybe it's time we let go?

    (single tear....aaaaaaand scene).

  8. " comics have become much more politically correct and political correctness is a disease that is slowly strangling western civilisation."

    Geez, hyperbole much? Yeah, clearly the current mild social disapproval towards letting the white guys who own the world overtly mock and belittle those of us who aren't white is EXACTLY the same as the Goths sacking Rome. Get over yourself, Alan!

  9. The alternative is ALL white people, even the ones who say nice things to non-whites or don't say anything at all, shut their mouths while non-whites mock Western civilization as a value-less, rapacious monstrosity that destroys souls (something white people don't have), the environment, and anything of value (and depending on who's talking, has explicitly or implicitly never created anything of value). And that's not to get into the have-your-cake-and-eat-it-tooisms of blaming white, Western civilization for the problems facing blacks, First Nations, women, or whoever, while at the same time saying it's utterly impossible for white, Western civilization to correct those problems or even make positive contributions to any solutions.

    You'll have to forgive those who don't want that for saying so.

  10. Really? That's the only alternative? There’s no other balance between speaking one’s mind and just being a jerk? For either (any) side? Fascinating.

  11. As noted before, that's not the Cloverfield monster, it's a version of this (one sits on top of my desk):

    (so I've been behind in my reading... is that a crime?)