Thursday, February 28, 2008

Assorted Marvel News

First, the latest Marvel skrull promo to make its way into my inbox:
Perhaps to make up for the lack of Marvel info at WonderCon, Marvel conducted an impromptu press call yesterday to announce a bunch of news:

* The upcoming Cable series will be a "sci-fi spaghetti western" and definitely takes place in the current X-men continuity.
Cable really isn't the big mega-star he used to be, is he? I mean, I remember when he was like in the top 5 Marvel superheroes. Maybe that will change?

*Garth Ennis will be making his final Punisher arc, and Tim Bradstreet will depart with him.
Will certainly be the end of an era, but maybe it's time for new blood on the title, so to speak. Jason Aaron?

* The Hulk is definitely not coming back to The Incredible Herc book. Fate of puppy still up in air.
Good, I like that it's Herc's book. Killing the puppy is just mean tho.

* Fantastic Four with Bryan Hitch is penciled through #562, and will (gasp!) come out on schedule.
Must have had him working on this book way in advance. Which is how DC got Jim Lee's "Batman: Hush" out on time. Maybe there is a lesson in this for editors.

* Apparently the cover of Guardians Of The Galaxy #2 is so controversial it can only be spoke of in whispers.
Maybe it's a shot of Vance Astro with a really big package. Painted by Alex Ross.

* Matt Fraction's Invincible Iron Man will have "more variant covers than you can shake a stick at."
Oh boy I hope some have holograms.

* The next Dan Slott Spider-Man arc in May will have...
"..Something that all of the Spidey readers – the guys that love us right now, and the guys that hate us right now have been asking for.”
Return of MJ?

*Hulk #4 is apparently some really big patooties -- with the shocking reappearance of an old character and a supposedly awesome battle.
As long as Jeph Loeb stops doing those scenes where everything looks normal and then you turn the page and the Hulk jumps out of nowhere. That works on film, not so much in comics (especially if you have to turn the page).

And the latest rumor on teh internets is that Amadeus Cho is really Red Hulk -- what do you think? I thought it was Doc Samson.

Oh, and I saw those "Invaders" preview pages with Cap and the rest -- it's like the same creative team as Project Superpowers (crossover?). Nice stuff.

And I've been hearing some faint rumblings about events in Skrull Invasion...all I have to say is, if those rumors are true, "oh my God." And that's all I'm going to say. Wow. A lot of people will be writing in their blogs.

I'm done writing in this one -- for this post at least!

(Howard the Duck is really a Skrull -- that would explain how he looked in his last miniseries)


  1. "Return of MJ?"


    Translation: I'm crossing my fingers/toes!

    I really appreciate Marvel saying that it has more than Secret Invasion going on. I wanna try that Ennis MAX comic, but 4 bucks sounds a bit much.

  2. Spider-Woman.s boobs and shoulders look weird, maybe Greg Horn is a skrull and he's yet to fully grasp human anatomy.

    Odd thing to admit, or use the word admit when I say this, but I really like Cable. I'm excited to see him get a push in the MU. Soldier-x and the last 20 or so issues of Cable really laid some groudwork for an interesting character.

  3. C'mon, lets hear some rumors!

  4. "C'mon, lets hear some rumors!"

    and ruin your reading experience?

    I say thee, nay!

  5. Ooo, good call on Howard. Also, Ororo has clearly been a Skrull ever since Hudlin took over Black Panther.

  6. "Will certainly be the end of an era, but maybe it's time for new blood on the title, so to speak. Jason Aaron?"

    That wouldn't be bad at all, but I'd be delighted if Duane Swierczynski sat in for a spell. His Moon Knight Annual was better than the ongoing (at the time) and his Punisher: Force of Nature One-Shot was a great tease.

  7. Oh, fuck Cable and his new series! What's going to happen to Deadpool???

  8. Cable really isn't the big mega-star he used to be, is he? I mean, I remember when he was like in the top 5 Marvel superheroes.

    Most people I know are trying very hard to forget.

  9. From the article, emphasis mine:

    Speaking of the Ultimate Universe, Rosemann said that it’s been exciting to see three issues of Ultimates 3 come out in a row. “Everyone’s just loving the crazy, roller-coaster thrill ride of what’s going on, why are these characters acting different, who killed Scarlet Witch, what’s up with Wolverine, and [how is] it all connected to what’s come before? So the answers are forthcoming in two more issues that all lead to Ultimatum.

    Soooo... guys. Ultimates 3? Its not OOC, its a plot point. Its not poor characterisation, its a plot point. Its not doing the research, its a plot point. Wasp no longer being asian? Plot point. Hawkeye not reading his Marvel Handbook and shooting at Spider-Man, thinking he was buddies with Venom? Plot point.

    Yarrrgh. Goddamnit, Loeb.

  10. Hm. I honestly don't mind being spoiled on Secret invasion. I just have to know what was in Scarlet Witches closet at the end of New Avengers #26.

    I stopped reader New Avengers months ago. And yet that issue gnaws at my soul.

  11. Cable was only cool back then because it was the era of superhero's with pouches, and Cable and X-Force were like the pouch superteam. Cable today? Very few pouches.

  12. I just have to know what was in Scarlet Witches closet at the end of New Avengers #26.

    I always assumed Wanda was still keeping Ms. Harkness' dessicated corpse propped up in a rocking chair...unless she moved up to something fresher.

    Killing the puppy is just mean tho.

    But inevitable--Puppy was a huge red button that read Push Me To Detonate Cho. It's a sign of the nice writing on that book that I enjoyed watching Herc and Widow flirt, even after BW inadvertently smished Puppy. And then Herc finds out about Puppy later...uncomfortable!

    I don't believe Cho is Red Hulk. Jones is the Primary Obvious Red (haw haw) Herring, and Doc "Conveniently Not Present But Still Deeply Knowledgeable" Sampson the Secondary Obvious Red Herring--but lately, I'm getting the impression that Marvel's covering their tracks by blurting out the truth, then dismissing or mocking it. Spidey's "Sleeper Skrull" theory; Tony wondering if Cap is in a Skrull prison somewhere; Doc Sampson is Red...but yeah, the second issue was awful.

    Still wondering how The Initiative's current story will turn out...that's a lot of bodies already. Part of me's hoping for cop-outs this time.

  13. Wasn't Slott's May story arc for Amazing Spider-Man already announced as having John Romita, Jr. on art? I could see that being the thing that would make everyone happy. Who can pass up Romita on Spider-Man? If it also happens to be the return of MJ, then I guess that just saves me from having to buy two ASM story arcs.

  14. God, I wrote "Sampson." Twice. Human beings require sleep, I should write that down somewhere.

  15. "Hulk is definitely not coming back to the Incredible Herc"...until sales drop below a certain threshold. Then we will, with great fanfare, announce the return of the Hulk to the Incredible Hulk! By then, you'll all be so upset about something else we're doing that you'll forget that we blatantly lie to industry journalists to prop up our sales.

  16. Michael Jackson is a skrull?

    Well, that would explain a lot.