Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Occasional Links: The Destroyer Duck Edition

No creator save Jack Kirby has as a cautionary tale and a living example saved so many creators the grief of turning over their creations without reward or without realizing what they had done.

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The Bestest Custom Action Figure Ever

"Doctor Bong" from Howard The Duck.

Now that takes skillz.

RIP Steve Gerber

Have Jenna Jameson Kick Your Bad Ass

In one of the most bizarre comic promotions ever, Virgin Comics asks you why your family is "from hell" in order to promote Jenna Jameson's new comic

First prize?

"Custom Sketch By Greg Horn Of The Badass Shadow Hunter Kicking Your Bad Ass."

In case you're wondering, that would be a sketch of Jenna Jameson doing a dominatrix-style beat-down on you while you pretend not to smile.

Gee, I really wanna read more of those Deepak Chopra comics by Virgin...

"That's What Bendis Sees When He Closes His Eyes"

I didn't say it, somebody on Scans Daily did. From the latest Moon Knight.

Video: Anime Witchblade

Half-naked top-heavy Witchblade has what sounds like a series of orgasms while sticking her tongue out and destroying things. Sounds about right. NSFW.


  1. My EYES! Boy do I regret pressing play on that witchy thing. The manga is worse. She pulls the Witchblade out of her hoo ha.

  2. Oh my God, Steve Gerber died! What a loss to the comic world... :(

  3. That is what Brian Bendis sees when he puts on his special Rowdy Roddy Piper sunglasses.

  4. Awesome They Live reference, adam!

    I too am greatly saddened by the passing of Steve Gerber and at the same time delighted by the Dr. Bong custom figure. The original Howard the Duck issues are one of my favorite comics memories from the 70's.

  5. waAaugh.

    I wonder how his Countdown to Mystery miniseries will go now. At least we have the works to remember him by.

    He was one of my writing heroes, and I regret never having e-mailed him or commented on his blog.

    Thanks, Steve. For Howard, for Dr. Bong, for the Kidney Lady. . .

    Oh, and how could I forget the Le Beaver. Thanks for him too.

  6. Man, I want that Dr. Bong figure.

    So sad to hear about Steve Gerber. I was a latecomer to his work, but it meant a lot to me, especially as I was forming my political consciousness as a teenager.