Thursday, February 14, 2008

This Week In Spider-Man: Jackpot = Sara Ehret?

Does that name have a hidden meaning?

Here are 1000 anagrams of the name to keep you busy.


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  2. Erase Hart - "Forget Mary Jane"
    Rash Eater - "I will take your pain/irritation away."
    Hare Tears - "My bunny is crying."
    Hear Stare - "I am in awe of Spider-Man."
    Shear Rate - "Look at how fast the quality of this book is going up!!!™"
    Share Tear - "I am as sad a sack as you."
    Earth Ares - "I make war. On Earth. Like Ares."
    Sera Hater - "Am I ever going to get my sweater back?"
    Eras Hater - "Ummm, I'm more a fan of the issues that are not from the past 20 years."
    Heart Ears - "I love the way Spider-Man talks. He's silly!"
    Rare Hates - "I am prejudiced against Pomeranians."
    Hates Rear - "Does this outfit make my butt look less like an artist's fantasy than usual?"
    Hate Rears - its ugly head. I'm not buying this B*. I'll wait.

  3. I saw the name Theresa when I first looked at it.

    No idea who that would be, though.

  4. Sara Ehret was the name of a character on the show Jack & Bobby that Guggenheim was a writer and supervising producer for.

  5. I love Jack & Bobby. I really do.

    Also, Eli Stone is good.

  6. Don't forget Eraser Hat and As The Rear. Those two are the key to unlocking this nefarious mystery!

    Alternatively, they are trying to brainwash gullible, computer savvy types with "Stare @ her".

  7. Who is that guy in the red suit? Didn't he used to be an Avenger? It rings a bell for some reason, but I can't quite place him. Is he a Wildstorm character? Did Superboy-Prime punch the universe to bring him back to life?

  8. "Hearse Rat". Oh my God, it's Vermin! You heard it here first! :P

  9. Errata she. An accidental comment, perhaps.