Monday, February 11, 2008

When Movie Posters Didn't Suck

You know the guy who painted (yes painted) all these posters?

His name was John Alvin, and he passed away several days ago.

Can you even imagine being responsible for so many iconic images? It's like he was a vital part of the pop-culture zeitgeist of the 1980s and early 90s.

And yet his name isn't that well-known -- he was just, at least to the public, an anonymous movie poster illustrator.

Food for thought...


  1. I've always loved that Darkman poster.

  2. Thanks for pointing these out. That's amazing work. Consider me a fellow mourner for John Alvin.

  3. I just got an original Young Frankenstein poster framed to hang over my entertainment center. That's a shame.

    Between Alvin, Roy Scheider, and Steve Gerber, this is already a shitty week.

  4. those are really nice. I can't believe old posters can look as good as those. Now with all the digital imaging standards done on new posters, it's cool to see old posters looking damn good.

  5. Those are some lovely posters. It's a shame that the way posters have moved is from plot centric to "Tom Cruise in profile" style images.

  6. Oh no! This is the first I've heard of John Alvin's passing. Roy Schieder going kinda bummed me out but this? Now I'm officially depressed.

  7. His work was amazing... to eternity then. :(