Tuesday, February 05, 2008

But I Was Just Starting To Like Birds Of Prey!!!!

Sean McKeever just announced on his blog that he's leaving Birds of Prey...

Hey! No fair!

I mean, I never followed the title until the first two issues of McKeever's run...

Aw, crap.

This has been happening A LOT with DC titles as of late...last-minute exits and new writers scrambling to pick up the pieces.

Hope it stops.


  1. Does this mean no more Daaaaaaaark Vengeance? Or did they stop doing that when Gail left?

  2. McKeever had the Vengeance Battle Cry!!!! in his first issue, #113, I believe.

    It's really too bad for McKeever, but I admire his desire to want to do the Birds justice. If his circumstances prevent that, then I just hope that the next writer does the title well.

  3. didn't read Simone's run? CRAZY.

  4. "then I just hope that the next writer does the title well."

    Cue Brad Meltzer making a triumphant return to comics. Or, as I like to put it, "Rocks fall, everybody dies".

  5. I am also shocked to discover that you did not read the Simone run.

    Great stuff there ... great stuff.

  6. Well I probably won't miss Sean that much, as I am totally up for Bedard's new reign(/return) on BoP.

  7. I don't really have anything against McKeever, but I really liked the issues that Bedard wrote for BoP, so I'm glad he'll be all the helm from now on.

    And go read more BoP. =)

  8. Sean McKeever left the book of his own volition because of a scheduling crunch.

    But keep on rockin' in the LEAVE _______ ALONE world.

  9. Yeah, Simone was really the pinnacle of that series...everything before and after just kinda paled in comparison.

  10. Hate to say it, Val, but Sean really wasn't "wowing" me with his run. I'm sure he was building towards something, but having Oracle break Misfit's foot? Do not want. People continually tell me his Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane stuff was great and I applaud that, but frankly his DC stuff has left me pretty cold so far.

  11. Slightly off topic: It occurred to me that Misfit could pretty much beat any living thing in the DCU, seeing as how organic material doesn't survive her teleports.

    (I mean, I know Misfit isn't exactly killy-mckill-kill, but...)

    Fanboy Prime? Batman? Teleport next to them, grab 'em, and port away. Telefrag!

  12. McKeever definitely left the wrong book, considering his VoP was better than his Teen Titans and better received. I do understand however wanting to stay on the book edited by the editor in chief. Great networking if you stay, hard feelings if you leave him in the lurch...

    Oh, and Huntress from the future over in TT yelled out 'Dark Vengeance! Ssssss!" during the 812 part Titans of Tomorrow Today epic...


    Seriously tho', I wasn't really all-that thrilled with McKeever's run compared to Simone's definitive stuff. The first arc alone's been irritating me. I mean, they already had Batman yell at them for being loose cannons, so the snotty Superman thing has just felt like a rehash.

    Anyways - Bedard's fill-in issues weren't bad but God, I so wish Rucka was taking over this title. When I read Oracle's cameo in Checkmate it made me sigh wistfully. Ah, well.

    And I'm sorry but I have to say it too - you seriously never read Simone's run? Wowza. You, young lady, are missing out. If you were anywhere near my neck of the woods, I'd so be donating you my BoP trades right now.