Thursday, February 21, 2008

U2's Joshua Tree Falls Down

The tree made famous on the sleeve of U2's hit 1987 album The Joshua Tree has indeed fallen down.

Between this and that recent Simpsons retcon episode that took place in the early 1990s, I'm beginning to feel old.

Also, the whole impending birthday thing is not helping.

(Tina Fey is 37...37, yes this is good...)


  1. Don't worry, Valerie. The elderly have many contributions to make to our society. We'd never have Murder, She Wrote without the elderly, for example. You're part of our new Greatest Generation!

  2. Excuse me while I throw up.

  3. Simpsons Retcon episode?

  4. I play in Death Valley several times a year, and always try to stop by the Joshua Tree at least once (it's outside the park). As a long time U2 fan, the ad hoc memorial is quite touching.

    Unfortunately, I was not able to see the tree while it was standing, but I can only imagine watching the transformation from a dot on the horizon to the album cover as you approached it.

    Incidentally, the remastered version of The Joshua Tree album is very impressive.

  5. feh... I'm 45 and I STILL feel like I'm 17! It's all in yer head, babe!

    Lily and I are in Paris and we did the 422 steps in Notre Dame followed by the 276 steps Arch De Triomphe and we actually survived.

    Hey, found one of my comics (FF ISLA DE LA MUERTA)in Album Comics here in Paris. Freaked me out. They had me sign the book and then gave me a very cool Astro Boy porcelain figure as a thank you. I left them some TSSTG books to look at and consider.

    Anyhoo... don't get freaked out by your age. If you do... I'll hunt you down and beat you with birthday candles. My life didn't really begin until 36.

  6. I'm about to turn 46, and according to my wife, I rarely act like I'm more than about 8, so I wouldn't worry about it :).