Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Big Ten

I decided to try, just as an experiment, a more scientific approach to the Hot List/Big Ten this week.

I'm employing a keyword search tool called "HitTail" to help point out to me what people are actually searching for the most on my site.

So here are what people are actually searching for...the "buzz"...

10. Herb Trimpe: His comments at that Boston convention last week still has people talking.

9. Project Superpowers: Interest seems steady on this Alex Ross project.

8. Ultimate Nick Fury Action Figure: and why wouldn't people search for this, the figure, recently unveiled in Toy Fair, is awesome

7. Renee Montoya: Who knew?

6. Gambit in Wolverine Movie: I'm sure the news that Ryan Reynolds is going to play Deadpool in this film will overtake this.

5. Spoilers Spoiler Returns/Stephanie Brown Returns:
This one has been popular for a few weeks now.

4. Red Hulk: Made more popular by the recent USA Today article, I'm sure.

3. Batman R.I.P.: This has been holding steady for the last several weeks, actually.

2. Spiderman Jackpot/Mary Jane Jackpot/Jackpot's Butt: Call it the lasting allure of Mary Jane.

1. Sara Ehret: Yes, the enigmatic name of the Spider-Man character Jackpot is the #1 most searched-for term on my site this week.


  1. Mary-who? Doesn't ring a bell. Is this one of those Indie comics? There is no Mary Jane in any comics I read...

  2. Jackpot's butt? I thought Quesada was against Marvel characters smoking in...

    ...ohhhhh, wait... never mind.

    (insert "wah-wah-wah" noise here)

  3. Reading this top 10 list...I'm sooooo out of touch with the current comics climate!

    Anyway, I personally am excited for Ryan Reynolds to be Deadpool. I think he's an awesome, yet *very* underrated, actor. VanWilder was like watching a biography of college for me and I thought he was *hysterical*. He also turned in an *incredible* performance in "The Nines."

  4. Oh, *that's* what HitTail means. I thought it was NSFW...

  5. I am so excited about Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool it isn't even funny. He's stated many times that he's a big fan of the character, so I think he'll try extra hard to do him justice. He's also, imho got the right voice for him. He's got this sing-song cadence to his voice that really fits.

  6. Ryan Reynolds in Wolverine should be very similar to Ryan Reynolds in Blade Trinity, yes?

    Also, Hittail, SCIENCE!

  7. I really want that Ultimate Nick Fury/Ultimate WW2 Captain America set. Hope that comes out soon.