Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fangirl Fridays: The "Apocalypse Liefeld" Edition

Doing a book full of naked girls doesn’t interest me—never has,” he says. “But guys shooting heads off, putting knives through each other? I’m all for it.”

--Rob Liefeld, creator of the upcoming "Armageddon Now: World War 3," based on the book of Revelation and the prophecies of Ezekiel, "set in a sci-fi, testosterone-soaked, Halo-type setting."


Supergirl's Walk-On In Red Bikini Last Night On "Smallville"

Lana & Clark have a heartfelt conversation, then Lara inexplicably walks through the scene in a skimpy red bikini balancing a book on her head.

"Ya, ya, I'm exchange student."

No, it wasn't exploitative.

Clark: "Lana, my life has gotten a lot more...complicated now. I want to have sex with my hot cousin."

Lana: "It's not right, Clark. It's not right."

Clark: "Well, you slept with Lex, you got no right to talk."

When Bad DC Events Collide:

The "big reveal" of "Green Arrow/Black Canary #1:

"Get away from me, you damn dirty Amazons!"

But Cliff Chiang is pencilling, so I'm cutting slack.

When Casper Got Shot!


Pop Culture Rules, #456

1965: "You Can Show Midriff As Long As There Is No Belly-Button"

2007: "You Can Show Breasts As Long As There Are No Nipples"

And Chris Batista Is Pencilling "Robin!"

Ah, so when he said in San Diego "I have this big awesome project I can't talk about but it's awesome,"

THAT was what he meant.

The Butt-Cheek That Launched A Thousand Complaints:

The Cover To "X-Men #491" caused a stir recently because of Storm's submissive pose and exposed butt-cheek.

Was that butt-cheek functional? Or was it an exploitative butt-cheek?

Bellatrys could immediately find only one cover featuring such nonfunctional depiction of male buttitude:

let's take a closer look at this, shall we?


I had only $8.00 To Buy Comics At The Store, And I Spent It On "Booster Gold" & "Simon Dark"

Aaaaaand That's It For Fangirl Fridays, folks!


  1. Why the upset looks? Booster Gold was AWESOME! Skeets rode a horse! ^_^

  2. Them's be the two comics that I bought too!

  3. "Why the upset looks? Booster Gold was AWESOME!"

    it was kind of like enjoying one of those old TV shows like "Full House" that aren't great but placate you temporarily. Except I paid moneys for it.

  4. Booster Gold is fun as heck, but TRUE re: boobs without nipples. Dead on.

  5. Breasts without nipples is so Marilyn Manson circa Mechanical Animals.

  6. Didn't that robot woman character from the Authority or Stormwatch or something in the late-90s have robot nipples. I might be misremembering, but I seem to recall robot nipples.

    I took a look at Simon Dark in the shop, but it didn't grab me. Justice League Unlimited was pretty good this week however. Giganta tried to get the Flash to notice her by becoming his sidekick, but he didn't realize she liked him. It was better than my description would imply.

    Have a good day.
    John Cage

  7. I think the first two issues of Booster Gold were awesome; this felt a little too much like coasting. Doesn't mean I'm not psyched for issue 4, though. Barry & Wally, YEAHHH!

  8. I picked up Countdown #29, Booster Gold & X-Factor Visionaries. Still think you're way off base re: Countdown. I'm having loads of fun with the book.

  9. If Casper the Friendly Ghost dies, what happens? Does he go to the weird hell for the exorcised from Beetlejuice?

    Or does he just get reincarnated?

  10. I think it's really funny that even though it's supposed to be Supergirl on Smallville, her outfit looks more like Power Girl.

    This PG fan is amused.

  11. I'm offended by Storm's shoulders.

    Not only are they functional, they also allude to provocative side-cleavage. I want them destroyed immediately.

    ... And what's with lips?
    Don't think I don't know what that lipstick is supposed to make them look like! FORSHAME!!!

  12. That is hip! People are upset at Storm's exposed hip! OMG Eighties high cut costumes are the enemy of comics and women! HIP I TELL YOU!