Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sunday Is Wonder Woman Day

A dazzling array of comic book artists have donated portraits of the world's most famous Amazon to raise money for two shelters for women and children. It's all a part of Wonder Woman day, an event held at Excalibur Comics in Portland, Oregon.

Donating artists include Adam Hughes, Alex Ross, Gary Frank, John Romita Sr., Anne Timmons, Jim Mahfood, The Hernandez Brothers, Greg Horn, Roberta Gregory, and many more.

You can visit the Wonder Woman Museum site and look at all the donated art here.

This event is HUGE. And I think the way they have used the icon of Wonder Woman to raise money for help domestic abuse victims is awesome. These comic book icons -- after we get past the cliche Bam! Pow! Bash! -- are powerful images that can be used to stir people to positive action.

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  1. this year's auction items are here:

    i think you linked to last year's stuff. :)