Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Awesome Doctor Who Swag...

Wouldn't it be great if a show like "Heroes" aggressively put out a line of action figures the way that "Doctor Who" does? You could have "Chop Top Issac Mendez," "Battle Damage Claire," "Samurai Hiro"...

Anyway, here are the latest "Who" figures. I think they're only available in the UK at the moment, tho :-(

Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane's Sonic Lipstick & Wristwatch

Doctor Who In Spacesuit

The Master

The Old Guy Who Was Really The Master

Weeping Angel from "Blink" episode


  1. These are fabulous! I want one of the "Blink" statues, but that episode terrified my wife too much to allow it in our home.

  2. And the best part--they'll be putting out figures from the classic series soon! So you can have the Fourth Doctor team up with the Tenth Doctor to fight a coalition of werewolves and Zygons!

    ...or simply display them, of course, as a mature adult would do.

  3. The last toy I bought was a Golgothan thing from Dogma.

    I now want a Weeping Angel.

    It will kick the Golgothan's ass.