Friday, October 12, 2007

The Uncensored Renee Montoya Pages

From the "Who Is The Question?" blog, part of a long interview with Mr. Gregory Rucka.

There is one completely censored page of Renee doing the schnookies (<----serious journalist), and then another page that was seriously edited to, among other things, perhaps erase the dildo the artist drew in:

"This one went to press, they added more clothes to both Renee and the woman she was with. Which led to people wondering why there was a second set of undies on the floor. I think the penciller actually snuck a dildo into one of the panels, I’m not sure."

You know, aside from the question of whether this level of nudity and sex is appropriate for a non-"mature readers" book, I wouldn't mind it -- if gay male characters in mainstream comics were afforded the same level of frankness and depiction of sensuality.

But, as we have witnessed from male reader "outrage" at the Citizen Steel "boner" controversy, I doubt that's going to happen any time soon.


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  2. I think Apollo and Midnighter is the closed DC's going to get to a male couple

    Worlds Finest Couple

  3. Hm. Well, they are a couple. How weird is it that they're a Bats/Supes riff?

  4. Well it seems that DC might be trying to change that by imply that Apollo's a alternate version of the Ray as seen in the last months preview of Countdown Arena in Previews Magazine

  5. Slightly off topic: was there ever any "outrage" at Brandon Routh's Super-Package being emphasized in Superman Returns? I didn't follow the Blogosphere when it came out, so I wouldn't know...

  6. Oh, and, also: When will we see Renee sleep with a woman and it be an expression of love and affection and not a symptom of her downward spiral into depression and alcoholism?

    (Apart from Gotham Central- Half a Life where, if I recall correctly, she spends a night with her partner after she comes out to her parents? My point is: lately, it doesn't seem as though we're seeing much in the way of lesbianism=positive goodtimes in Renee's life.)

  7. I'd like to point out that I, at least, wasn't outraged at Commander Steel's package. I merely disputed those who tried to pretend he didn't have a large, obvious erection.

    I make no moral judgements, I merely point out the obvious. :)

  8. Wait...there was a Citizen Steel boner controversy? When?

  9. I *still* can't believe anyone thought Citizen Steel was at all erect. I'd like someone to point out (maybe drawing it out, or point with arrows) just where this supposed boner was, 'cause all I see is a sack-sized bulge, no shaft...