Monday, October 29, 2007

What Comic Books I Did (And Did Not) Give A Nine Year Old Girl

So I was putting together a "grab bag" of comic book goodies for BF's niece, culled from both our collections. This is what made the cut:

1. Marvel Adventures
2. Betty & Veronica
3. Glister -- Image Comics
4. Felix the Cat - Felix Comics
5. Sardine In Outer Space graphic novel -- First, Second
6. Goodbye, Chunky Rice graphic novel -- Pantheon
7. Patrick The Wolf Boy -- Arthur Baltazar & Franco Aureliani

This is what didn't make the cut:

1. The Betty & Veronica Digest "Bad Boy Trouble" series -- That story line is a little too "Ricki Lake" for a nine-year-old.
2. Various manga hanging around my house -- maybe for 12-year-olds but not nine. Some of these books even make the darned magic house cats sexy.
3. Supergirl -- SEE?????

Age-appropriate stuff that didn't make the cut because I like 'em too much to give away & I'm a big selfish poo:1. Legion of the Superheroes Johnny DC. Nobody's touching my set! Nobody!
2. Spider-Girl.
3. My Marvel Adventures digest with Modok in it.
4. Baby Sitters Club graphic novels -- they would have to be pried out of my cold dead hands
5. Sabrina the Teenage Witch by Tania del Rio
6. Mouse Guard Hardcover -- I mean, c'mon. There's generous and then there is crazzzzzzzzy.


  1. Cool, comics in kid's hands is good.

    Am I the only one that didn't like Mouse Guard? I was excited about it and bought the HC but thought it was really dull.

  2. I want to like Spider-girl, but after a couple of issues it starts to wear on me-- my recycled nostalgia only goes so far.

    & Andy, sorry, count me in the "Mouse Guard is totally awesome" crowd, too.

  3. Maybe I should re-read it....

  4. I'd almost want to say that Polly and the Pirates would be a great read for the nine-year-old set (though possibly in the keeper pile, it's that good).

  5. Yes to "classic" Betty and Veronica, but no to their "new Coke" versions? Somewhere, Dan DeCarlo thanks you. (Not sure how he'd feel about the manga-style Sabrina, though.)