Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday Morning Superhero Beefcake

Here's a find: a blog dedicated to drooling over sexy beefcake shots of your favorite superheroes.

What struck me first is that there's quite a few images of "non-functional" nudity or partial-nudity here from mainstream comics of male superheroes.

What struck me second is that Nightwing & Batman seem to have cornered the market on this sort of beefcakery. In fact "Nightwing in the shower" seems to need its own tag.

There are also many helpful tags for those inclined to search for such things as "no nipples," "Speedo," and, of course, "Penance."

(Of course, the pic from "Anita Blake" I posted below sort of doesn't count, but what the hell)


  1. I'm glad to have this pointed out; I always maintain that there is genuine beefcake, but you know, don't have something to point at when I'm doing so.

  2. Dear Frank Castle:

    I'm fairly certain that having a grinning skull over your groin is sending the wrong message to The Ladies.

    Yours sincerely,

    PS: Who's your barber? Faaabulous!

    Seriously though: Isn't that Black Canary/Nightwing pic just the cutest?

  3. As a long-time reader secure in his heterosexuality, I've always chalked this up as geese and gander. Nightwing is definately prone to nekkidness (over 18 in short pants and booties, anyone?) but the all-time champion for most usage of well-placed shadows has to go to Wolverine. That furry little bastard is runnin' buck wild in a good 5-10% of his total adventures. I can even see the sex appeal there, but the Punisher? Unless you're a bottom or something...

  4. where does one buy a skull-faced codpiece? or did Frank make it himself? and what does that say about him?