Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Saline Superheroines

"Jessica Drew And The Boobs of Life"(From "New Avengers" #14, via Polite Dissent)

not to be confused with

"Nancy Drew And The Secret Of The Old Clock"


  1. sheesh.

    Don't surgeons usually put a couple of sheets over people in cases like that?

  2. Does it really take ten dudes to put in new chesticles?

  3. Those arn't just any dudes...those are HYDRA DUDES (maybe) so yes, it does take ten of them. See, Jessica's old doctor fell, & then the two that took his place fell too, then the four that took their place fell &....well, it was a mess.

    Also: I'm super glad to have some Spider-woman again. I've been missing! Also, is there any news as to her "updated" sexuality?

  4. Wow, not terribly concerned about maintaining a sterile environment, are they?

    Though I guess that would cut into the OMG NEKKID BOOBIES HURR HURR factor.

  5. It's Frank Cho and cheesecake, who cares? Every joke or observation that could be made on Cho's women has been made already.

  6. As noted, they are Hydra Dudes. They don't get a much chance to see boobies. Unlike those suave gentlemen over in Kobra.

    Seriously, though: Its like whoever drew that never saw Nip/Tuck. Oh, waitaminute...

  7. See, I actually think Cho's art in this panel is brilliant and well-composed/rendered. It's just as creepy as hell.

  8. I love that Nancy Drew cover. I used it myself earlier this year in a crtique regarding female film leads:

    At the time of this particular post, I had just started my blog, and the one comment I received was used to call me an idiot.

  9. Is that a *razor* on the small tray? Does this imply they just *shaved* her, or are about to? What's going *on* in this picture?!

  10. The first time I read that issue I was horribly confused as to why Jessica needed new boobs to get her powers back.

    I'm still really confused. Also to why she's naked before a surgical procedure. Wouldn't she be cold?

  11. Is that a *razor* on the small tray?

    Even creepier, that looks like a condom packet next to it.

    I don't even want to know.