Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Top 6(66) Scream Queens

I think in terms of movie monsters & monster-fighters, my gender hasn't done too bad in Hollywood. I mean, of course we still have the cliche of the the screaming woman who conveniently trips and falls. But we also have these women...

6. Sydney Prescott from "Scream"
She starts out kind of weepy and emo ("why are al my friends dying, wahhhhh...") but quickly enters Sigourney Weaver ass-kicking territory:

5. Alice from "Resident Evil"
Alice will kick...your...ass

4. Laurie Strode from "Halloween"
Sure, she has some classic "trip and falls" in this flick, but she's also really handy with a knitting needle!

3. Regan from "The Exorcist"
I actually chose a clip from the second movie here, cuz the first one creeps me out too much...and this one's kinda funny. :-)

2. Ginger Fitzgerald from "Ginger Snaps"

1. Mary Shelley/Bride of Frankenstein
She seems like such a sweet girl...

Honorary Mention:


  1. GAHH! Why you gotta lay the Grace on me?

    That's just mean.

  2. Good call on Ginger Snaps.
    Katherine Isabelle, rowr.

  3. Yeah, Nancy Grace is definitely scarier than all of them, if only for how much she hurts my head. XD

    Still, that Shelly scene has got me rolling my eyes. The original Frankenstein novel didn't depict any of the things Byron was talking about - we never saw corpses being lifted from graves or a secret mountain hideaway or the good Doctor getting thrown from the top of said hideaway. A chapter ends with him deciding to create the monster and then bam, next chapter, monster's created. Also, Victor went hunting for the monster for revenge later, but the monster didn't actually kill him.

  4. You should have used an image from the multiple times Nancy Grace is holding some form of weapon. That's even scarier.

  5. Nancy Grace is going to be a mother.

    Now that's scary.


  6. OK, this hurts my head. You said that Sydney Prescott was a horror queen "in the Sigourney Weaver mode", but Ripley isn't on the list? Whyfore?

    (I will politely ignore the lack of a mention of Starla, as played by Elizabeth Banks in the wonderful movie 'Slither', which I consider it my duty to pimp every Halloween. "B**** is hard-core," to quote Gregg Henry's character in the film.)

  7. "OK, this hurts my head. You said that Sydney Prescott was a horror queen "in the Sigourney Weaver mode", but Ripley isn't on the list?"

    good point. I guess I see Aliens as more sci-fi than horror. tho I guess the same could be said for Resident Evil

  8. I remember watching Nancy Grace interview this dazed mother who just lost her two kids in a drowning accident. And Grace went on this really intense line of questioning like she was trying to lead or entrap the woman into "confessing" that she did it. And I remember watching that and being like..."she kinda sucks."

  9. There was that plus the Duke Lacrosse rape case where she continued to tirade against the players even when the D.A. announced they were no longer suspects.

    It's amazing how real life can be scarier than movies. XD

  10. I love Resident Evil 1 & 3 so much I might at some point find 2 better than excreable by association, but liking any of them and having an IQ above room temperature automatically places my opinion in the minority.


    ah, but does Angela really count as a Scream Queen, per se?

  12. I suppose it depends on exactly which definition of "queen" you're using. :)

  13. Great list! It might be stretching the "scream queen" definition, but I'd include Shibasaki Ko as Mitsuko and Kuriyama Chiaki as Takako in "Battle Royale."

  14. well whatever she/it is, that is the best/most fucked up ending to a movie EVER

  15. "well whatever she/it is, that is the best/most fucked up ending to a movie EVER"