Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Occasional Links

"King Koopa Looks Like Mr. Belvedere!"

"Psst! Yo! Want a comic book with strong female characters in it? Click here!"

The all-important Chuck Norris presidential endorsement

Shark Train

Nick Cassavetes to direct "Captain America?"

10 Sc-Fi movies that deserve to be made

"My point is if you want to protect your pee-pee, don't you think the ladies might want to protect their ta-ta's?"

The Shooting War Hardcover has landed

"even a huge best-selling author can NOT include a PRE-PUBESCENT SEWER ORGY IN HIS BOOK!"

Mark Millar makes the case why he would be the bestest Superman movie writer evah

"Though a rugged and manly man, I consider myself a feminist."

Sad, really.

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