Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Bad News Is That "Teen Titans" is Sold Out. The Good News Is That "Teen Titans" Is Sold Out

Ah, I failed to keep my promise about following Sean McKeever on "Teen Titans" for a 6-month run, because last week I couldn't go comic shopping and this week "Teen Titans" #51 is sold out.

So all I can give you is the following exchange at "Forbidden Planet" in NYC:

Me: I can't seem to find "Teen Titans" #51
Clerk 1: Oh, I'll find it for you


Clerk 1: I can't seem to find "Teen Titans" #51
Clerk 2: Oh, that must be sold out.


Clerk 3: did you find everything you were looking for?
Me: Well, everything but "Teen Titans" #51
Clerk 3: Hey, anybody know what happened to "Teen Titans" #51?!
Clerk 2: It's sold out!
Clerk 3: A DC book? Sold out?!

I s**t you not, this was the conversation.


  1. I can toss you my copy, if you like. Things are shaping up rather interestingly.

  2. Chris saves the day!

  3. Only on alternating Tuesdays, so you just happened to luck out.

  4. I heard mixed reviews. I missed it, too, though.

  5. The JLA is attacked by a version of themselves from the future again, the Teen Titans from the future are back again, and Robin and Wondergirl have share awkward glances - again.
    I'm hoping McKeever is building up a head of steam, to be honest, but so far it's the same old same-old.

  6. "A DC Book sold out?"

    Must be regional idiocy.

    At the comic shop I go to, I couldn't get Ion: The Dying Flame trade because they were all gone by the time I got there at 2PM. They had to order more.

  7. Cosmic Comics on 23rd still has copies. FYI.