Thursday, October 25, 2007

Occasional Links

Spice Girl Says Feminism is "Bra Burning Lesbianism"
Because Ginger Spice is such a freakin' authority.

"The demand for things to look pretty rather than being built to work is part of the reason we’re seeing so much substandard comic book art nowadays."
Preach it, Elayne! (via Journalista)

To Serve Poo
Is "Cooking With Pooh" the worst cookbook title ever? Or does that honor go to "To Serve Man?"

Lois Griffin Topless Shocker!

This YouTube clip purports to have an actual Family Guy "easter egg" DVD footage of Lois with no top on. You owe it to yourself to click on it. And then forward the link to a friend so they can hate you as much as you will hate me.

Another Quiz So We Can Know You Better
What is your Jedi name? Yeah, it's kind of a shill for the PSP game, but it's educational as well and brings people together.

Cartoon Says: "You're Too Old To Be Raped"

What do you think? Heinous? Misogynistic? Or does it merely have that quaint good-time "Al Capp" charm? (via Comics Reporter)

YouTube Clip Of The Morning:
"How To Handle A Woman" by William Shatner (I have to go vomit now)


  1. LOLZ! Good thing I wasn't eating anything because I snarfed at Kirk with the dawg! HAHAH!

  2. THAT ISN'T EVEN A REAL JEDI NAME GENERATOR. I feel betrayed. I was going to name my Star Wars character after what I got (no joke).

  3. Also, Ginger Spice link broken?

  4. fixed the ginger link ... thanks Mordicai!

  5. I can't imagine anything being less funny than The Family Guy without actively trying to be not-funny.

    I realize that typing that might get my Internet Priviledges revoked but... man.

    A dude's gotta say it.

  6. "How to Handle a Woman" is the only song from Camelot (my favorite movie and musical) that I loathe. It's not endearing and it's irritating even when sung by Richard Harris.

  7. Thanks for the link, Val! I wish more people would actually go to ComicMix to comment on the column, it looks so lonely with only one comment. :) I'm not sure how to deal with Deppey's header, though, was HE (yon pot) actually referring to ME (yon kettle) as pompous?