Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Fat, Part Two

UK's The Daily Mail has just run a photo of a very pregnant Milla Jovovich at the premiere of "Resident Evil Extinction" with the catty line:

"Enormous Milla shows what NOT to wear when you are pregnant"

Come now, this woman is just about to drop a baby any second. She's SUPPOSED to be huge.

And it's not like she's wearing a thong bikini.

Which brought to mind this video from Dove's Real Beauty campaign:

And also spurred the following discussion at Casa Del Occasional Superheroine:

Do the idealized "weights" of superheroines in comics influence women as well as those of models in fashion magazines.

I said, "I don't think women take them seriously."

My BF pointed to interviews with female celebrities where they say they can't portray a certain superheroine because their "boobs aren't big enough."

Anyway, food for thought...which, as you know, could be fattening.


  1. A common criticism of the Newscorp-owned Daily Star, and it's sister title The Sun, is that it can have tales of 'overweight' celebrities on one page, and without irony have news stories on anorexia on the next - though their most noted low was their running pictures for the story of then-child starlet Charlotte Church winning 'Rear of the Year' beside a pedophile scare-story.

    Getting angry at the lows of Newscorp journalism is like getting mad at the wind when your house is carried off by a tornado - well-placed, but ultimately futile.

  2. Anonymous10:40 AM

    -I agree with you on the fact that there's nothing wrong with what Milla is wearing while being pregnant. Did they mean that she shouldn't be wearing pregnancy, gimme a break.
    -To those celebrities who think they can't play a particular heroine because their boobs aren't big enough, I say, "you can't play [the part] because you don't beleive in your skill." Besides, I think big boobs are a bit over-rated.

  3. Excuse me. Aside from encouraging eating disorders among pregnant women, where's the harm in encouraging eating disorders among pregnant women?


  4. If Tim Gunn or Tyra isn't telling me, than it isn't happeneing.

  5. Thank you for posting the Dove commercial. It's sad that a message like this has to reach us through a soap company, but I'll take what I can get.

  6. just to kind of echo what Bryan said, there's really no point reading The Mail (or as I like to call it, the Aryan Male) unless you want to get angry. It's part of a newspaper group that supported Hitler in the run up to WWII. It hasn't changed hands since then, so far as I'm aware, and it's political stance hasn't changed much either...

  7. Milla looks pretty glamorous to me.

  8. Pandering + hyperbole = attention x $.

    Pregnant Milla Jovovich = 6 times a week and twice on Sunday.

  9. I think that it does affect ppl, but not in the conscious way, but since every female superhero is basically a FHM model, the msg isn't the same as when girls look at beauty magazines and stuff, it's not just "you need to be pretty to be popular" or "you need to be pretty to be famous", it's "you need to be pretty to be heroic, strong and powerful". Is that a good msg? :(