Monday, October 15, 2007

Babies In Refrigerators

...Selina's baby is headed for all sorts of messed up:

According to LITG

The current arc "Mother's Day" will see something very unfortunate happen to her daughter, Helena, which will tip Selina back over to the dark side. It's time for Catwoman to be a bad girl again. How small do they make refrigerators?


  1. Why, oh, why can't I see compelling stories about parenthood and responsibility in my mainstream DC comics?

    Oh, thats right. Babies make a character boring. Just like being married off. Silly me.

  2. That is so depressingly boring and typical. Good one DC. I'm sure millions of apathetic readers are going to stampede back into the comic stores when they hear Catwoman's all sexy again. Women whose kids have died in depressing ways-- that's what's sexy!

  3. Babies in refrigerators? They barely make a meal!

  4. whats the point of the whole, whose baby is it storyline when they are just gonna kill of the baby?

    i dont understand...

    "Not Want!"

  5. People, please. Read the issue first, OK? Internet rumors aren't always true.

  6. hey kids, comics!

  7. Even untrue, this rumor has led to the Most Wrong Refrigerator Joke Ever, which is one hell of an accomplishment.

    Congratulations, Rob S.