Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Girl-Wonder Auction Opens

The official Girl-Wonder Art Auction to raise money for the organization has started on eBay:

Overcoming technical difficulties, is proud to officially open the Art Etcetera Auction for bidding! A listing of all items can be found here, and a catalog of item previews here. Bidding will close on Oct.15. All proceeds will be donated to

The Girl-Wonder team has collectively produced some wonderful writing and have a lot of enthusiasm both for the topic of women in comics and the comics themselves.

Up for auction is a cavalcade of awesomeness with something for every price range:

(Get the Supergirl doll. C'mon. It's cooler than that chick on "Smallville.")


  1. Shhh! I might get outbid!

  2. I would love to see Gail Simone bring back Man Mountain Moosejaw to her Wonder Woman run, and make him, the Jack Kirby creation that he is, the third Canadian character in the DC Universe.