Saturday, October 27, 2007

Role of Wonder Woman Reportedly Cast

The buzz is that Australian actress Teresa Palmer has landed the role of Wonder Woman in the upcoming "Wonder Woman" movie, according to the website.

A friend of Palmer's reportedly said that the blond actress will wear a wig for the role:

"Apparently they're going to have her fitted out with a black wig rather than dye her hair.''

Of course, this is all unconfirmed. But with the new JLA movie seemingly casting relative unknowns in the roles rather than going for the usual Wizard Magazine "Dream Cast," it wouldn't be totally unreasonable.

So what do you think, all? Is she WW material?


  1. I always imagine Wonder Woman being around 30 in the comics, but I can see Palmer as a year 1 WW, I like the look on her face, she seems strong and not too "girly". I can buy her as a woman (W-O-M-A-N). Also, I liker eyebrows.


  2. They've corrected the story to read that she's been cast in the JLA movie, not a solo WW film.

    I haven't seen her in anything, but it appears that she can look the part. The question is whether or not she can act.

  3. I've heard negative rumblings, but I think she's got a nice strong face. I don't like that statement about the wig; or, well, what do I know about movie special effects? Maybe a wig will look much better than dye could.

  4. looks a bit too young to me.

    from everything i've read, i get the feeling this movie is going to be a total rushed crapfest.

  5. "So what do you think, all? Is she WW material?"

    I don't know, I'd have to see her act first. Anyone seen her work before?

  6. Well... The only thing I've seen her in is The Grudge 2... Which didn't really require much in the way of acting for anybody, but does seem to be her only major film appearance to date.

    I suppose I'm willing to give her a shot. It could always be worse.

  7. I have to say, her eyes definitely have a remarkable Linda Carter look about them.

  8. I always think Wonder Woman should be amazonian... you know, physically imposing.
    She does not look that.