Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Who Is "Tomato" Hulk???

Ah, a chance for more idle unfounded troublemaking speculation...

Who is this new red Hulk?

Doc Samson?

Rick Jones?

Amadeus Cho?

Tony Stark?

My money is on Rick Jones, for the "oh, sweet irony why do you torture my soul?!" factor.

What'd ya'll think?

Not impressed by new Hulk:


  1. samson and iron man are both in the picture standing behind the red hulk...

    so my moneys on rick (OHHH YEAHHH!!!) or amadeus (the REAL mastermind excello is coming back in the 12, a case of dual identities could cause him to change, maybe??)

  2. What about "Thunderbolt" Ross becoming the red Hulk?

  3. Does Amadeus Cho have no arms, or is he just drawn weird?

  4. Kind of like how in that shot of Rick Jones, his left arm has been replaced with some horrific flipper thing.

  5. I'm banking on Cho, just because Like with The Bucky Soilder, the set up is way too obvious and they've done the Rick Jones Hulk.

  6. Amadeus Cho is my favorite new superhero comic character, besides the Sentry, in the past 20 years. I love that character. I like the way Pak uses him to keep his stories sort of tongue in cheek and just fun all around.

  7. Didn't you here? He turned red by drinking Kool-Aid Man!

  8. I really like Cho, & I hope whatever happens, he comes out well.