Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Dabel Brothers to Publish "Dresden Files"

The Machine Gun Rain blog has reported that one of the first post-Marvel projects from the Dabel Brothers will be a comic book adaptation of the popular "Dresden Files" series of novels.

"Dresden Files" creator & author Jim Butcher will be very involved with the production of the comic:

"I will be assisting with the writing of the comics, and am also involved in the design and approval of the characters, art, tone, and so on. This is an actual hand-in-hand project in which I have full creative input and influence, and I'm friggin' giddy about it. I mean, come on! Comic books!"

For those unfamiliar with the books about the urban wizard, there was also a short-lived series on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Which brings me to another "Ou Es Mas Sexy?" --



  1. I don't trust that guy on the top to save my life. I don't necessarily trust the Doctor either, but he's a much nattier dresser.

  2. As a heterosexual American male, I think the Doctor's sexier.

  3. To echo Lewis' comment above, I'd do Dr. Who and I'm straight.

    But the sexiest sci-fi male has to be Dark Wesley from Angel.

    Did I mention I'm totally straight and love the chicks? ;)

  4. Definitely Billie Piper.


  5. The Doctor! (But only Tennant or Davison. Harry wins over the others!)

  6. As a heterosexual American male, I think that the novel Dresden is sexiest. And about time they're doing this; I need a fix between novels with the show's cancellation.