Monday, October 22, 2007

Storm's "New Look"

Well, I can honestly say I don't think this has been done before with this character.

Not amused:

Sort of amused: Digital Femme


  1. Anonymous10:51 AM

    I know! They almost made her look black! W-T-F, man!

  2. Hey, 60, those are CURLS, not KINKS. Don't go saying crazzzzzzzy stuff like that!

    Anyhow, Storm has a long history of trying out new hair styles. I for one still miss the mohawk.

  3. Anonymous12:29 PM


    FYI--for a lot of black folks, there is a fine line between the two. I ought to know: I'm struggling with both this afternoon!

    If nothing else, though, I'm just glad that they actually made her look more ethnic. For the longest time, she was simply [insert any Marvel female as they all essentially have the same physique] painted brown. Now, she looks like a few sisters I know.

  4. i think she looks fabulous and i love the guns.

  5. Yeah, Phil, I'm just playin'. I for one like the cut, & I agree, changing the boring face of comic book characters is a good thing. I hope it isn't an alternate history what-if thing, as some have suggested.

  6. Nice Thundercats logo, too.

  7. "Nice Thundercats logo, too."

    ah, the moment I laugh so hard the keyboard gets spritzed with coffee.

  8. And I thought the mohawk seemed out of character.