Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Victoria Secret's "Secret Pink" Line Of Dolls For Girls

Yeah. "Secret Pink." That's the name of a doll line to give an eight-year-old girl.

Sure, Victoria's Secret has been outwardly promoting the dolls to college girls. But...

" prints, slumber party pj's, sweats aping soccer attire, camis and panties in ice cream-cone packaging suggest a decidedly younger demographic."


"Pink is the Joe Camel of thongs. The line is advertised in YM and Teen Vogue magazines, which boast 12-17 aspirational demographics."

Is this part of a nefarious plot by the lingerie maker to suck innocent adolescents into their addictive web of Gel-Curves and Brazilian panties?

And what about those autographs on the butt cheeks of Cabbage Patch Kids? That's just sick and wrong and encourages butt-familiarity and the use of bizarre paper substitutes. And if God wanted us to use Cabbage Patch Kid butts as paper, he would have turned them into trees.


  1. Oohhh....

    This is why they hate us.

  2. ...thats just not right...

  3. I don't like the Joe Camel analogy, since having sex ain't hardly the same as smokin'. I'M CRAZY!

  4. I'm more curious as to where the Secret Pink dolls are autographed.

    (Not to mention that Secret Pink sounds like a Hentai Heroine...)

    Show us on the doll where Raunch Culture touched you...