Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The ComicMix Webcomic Revolution Is LIVE!

Geez, what a difference a day makes, huh?

I click on ComicMix this afternoon and all of the sudden they're with the purdy layout, they got free comics, tabs, all sorts of stuff is happening...

"The name Is John Gaunt, A.K.A. GrimJack, and I'm the guy you hire when you need an a**hole on your side."

See, I like GrimJack already because he's @#%$#& honest.

The first webcomic to launch on ComicMix is "GrimJack: The Manx Cat" #1. You can read 6 pages of it right here. And if you come back the same time next week, 6 more will be waiting for you. After a month, you'll have read issue #1.

A little bit of background on GrimJack for the uninitiated:

1. GrimJack was co-created by John Ostrander ("The Spectre," "Suicide Squad," and a ton of other DC titles) & Timothy Truman ("Hawkworld," Vertigo's "Jonah Hex," "Tarzan")

2. GrimJack is a sword-for-hire, ex-paramilitary, war veteran and ex-child gladiator. That means he's one tough muther.

3. Science fiction/fantasy author supreme Roger Zelazny was a GrimJack fan and paid homage to the character in his The Chronicles of Amber series.
So basically, you get the latest miniseries of this acclaimed title for free. So it's a win-win.

Here is the ComicMix schedule so far:
I'll have some more previews coming up, including an exclusive sneak-peak of "Munden's Bar" tomorrow just in case you can't wait until Friday, and "Simone & Ajax" just in case you can't wait until Saturday.

So give the comics a shot, and bookmark ComicMix and check in every day. And if you like 'em, don't forget to drop a line in their "comments" section and tell the ComicMix crew. They're a great bunch of people working with some great talent & they've worked really hard to put this together for you.


  1. The new pages were fine, but like the previous IDW mini-series, they're fairly dripping in nostalgia. Fuck's sake, I burned out on "Jawn" back in the day, and favor Jim Twilley, so why am I reading another wink at the Manx Cat and Bob's old origin story (that worked fine when Joe Staton drew it?) "Twins." I've been waiting for that tease to pay off for over fifteen friggin' years....

  2. You forgot to mention GrimJack is the greatest comic ever made.