Sunday, October 28, 2007

New "Flash" Movie To Be Helmed By "Fred Claus" Director

I first have to really applaud Warner Brothers for being so proactive in getting this new "Flash" movie made. Movies with male protagonists really sell well, and I think to have a director with the stature of the guy who directed "Fred Claus" on board will really make this a blockbuster.

That said, the word is that this "Flash" film will closely follow the upcoming "JLA" movie. Further rumors are that the "JLA" movie will open with the death of Barry Allen, and that the Flash-of-choice will be Wally West.

The director, David Dobkin -- who has also directed "The Wedding Crashers," has commented to the MTV Movies blog that his Flash will be no laughing matter.

But honestly, outside of "Iron Man" and possibly "The Incredible Hulk," none of these new in-development superhero movies sound like anything near the quality of "Batman Begins." Probably more like "Smallville."


  1. But-but Smallville is GREAT! I really loved how the writers had that postmodern moment in the latest episode where they had a character explain how killing off the hero's girlfriend makes comicbook fans happy - and then went on to point out how the internet fan-community was IN FAVOUR of this kind of storytelling.
    Wishful thinking on the writers' part? Wilful misogyny? Deliberatly misleading the audience? It's Smallville, so probably all of the above.

    Best show on television!

    And there's only one true movie Flash:
    Accept no pale multi-million dollar imitations!

  2. I still haven't figured out if Marvel is treating the cutter stuff as a joke or as some attempt at "relevance".

  3. Only one word can sum up how I feel about this:


  4. Oh, hey, that director loves rape! Awesome! Looking forward. Sad, sad mordicai.