Sunday, October 07, 2007

Occasional Reviews: Lazy Sunday Batch

Batman #667-669
Publisher: DC Comics
Rating: A-
In A Nutshell: The retro-styled "Club of Heroes" -- an international organization of Batman-types -- are being picked-off one-by-one Agatha Christie-like.
Pros: Typical Grant Morrison quirky panache + J.H. Williams's virtuoso art. Outstanding colors by Dave Stewart. Pretty much everything "Batman" should be but hasn't been in a long time.
Cons: Color me clueless, but I found that the mystery plot starts breaking down towards the end of #668 and I never quite fully pick up on it in #669, leaving me with a little but of a "huh?" at the end.
Would I buy another issue?: only if Morrison or someone of his caliber was writing it; ditto for Williams.

Omega The Unknown #1
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Rating: A
In A Nutshell: Two intertwined stories about a strange highly-intelligent boy and a alien/superhero on the run...
Pros: This is a Marvel comic with a truly "indie" treatment; no dumbing-down, no attempts to commercialize it. I suspect that writer Jonathan Lethem & Farel Dalrymple were given a wide range of freedom on this title, and it results in a vastly different, deeper capes-and-tights comic book reading experience.
Cons: I had to double-back a couple of times because I lost track of the complex narrative thread.
Would I buy another issue?: Yes

Teen Titans #51
Publisher: DC Comics
Rating: B
In A Nutshell: An adult version of the Titans have captured their JLA counterparts and force the real Titans to go up against Starro's minions.
Pros: Sean McKeever's character-centered writing anchors the book and gives you a reason to care about it.
Cons: I understand why Ale Garza's art is popular but it's just not my personal bag. It always leaves me one step removed from really connecting with the book & its characters.
Would I buy another issue: well technically, I borrowed this issue (thanks, chris!) but I will probably buy another one (or borrow again)

Miriam #1
Publisher: Alternative Comics
Rating: A+
In A Nutshell: Following several vignettes from the life of a young cartoonist and the best friend she has a crush on.
Pros: If you like Dan Clowes or the Brothers Hernandez, you will like Rich Tommaso's work on "Miriam."
Cons: There really aren't any, it's pretty damn sweet.
Would I Buy Another Issue?: Yes, but with these sorts of indies I'm always afraid it will be a long time between issues.
You can purchase this book here.

ROM #8
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Rating: B+
In A Nutshell: Rom was fighting this heinous villain named Deathwing in the rain. In a cemetery. And coffins were smashed and somebody fell into an open grave.
Pros: Oh dude, this was awesome. He had this light coming off of his one red eye like "neeerrownnnnn."
Cons: I sent away for the "Sales Leadership Club" using the form in the back of the comic because I wanted to win enough points to win the Bee Gees Phono with Microphone. But I haven't heard back from them. At least there is no postage necessary if mailed in the United States, so it's not a total loss. But I deminted my comic, man.
Would I Buy Another Issue?: Free ROM!


  1. The thing to understand about the Batman issues is that you have to read them a few times to fully pick up on everything said. I had to read each three times before I fully grasped the connections and even then I still have questions.

    All in all, though, it was still an awesome book. I <3 new (or revisions of unknown) superheroes.

  2. I think you're right about the need for a re-read. Some things are still confusing me about that arc.

  3. Also, this looks like a Revision. Last I saw most of these guys, Roy and Dann Thomas along with Todd McFarlane had made them part of the late 1950's backstory of the Global Guardians, on the strength of their original Batman appearances being published in that time period. Which I liked as a non-USAer and a relative rookie to DCU continuity for several reasons.

    Now, though?

  4. Is that a Bill Mantlo "Rom" comic? I'm getting back into his "Micronauts" again. A forgotten force in comics!

  5. Oh dude, this was awesome. He had this light coming off of his one red eye like "neeerrownnnnn."

    This line caused the biggest "LOL" I have emitted in a long time, and I hope to work it into everyday conversations.

  6. Mordicai:
    "A-? Nah, it was a bit of a mess. Wait, how can you say 'only if the writer & the artist are good' as your review? That makes no sense!"

    "Psh, Lethem."

    "Oh, I wanna read that Titans rag."

    "Indie comics, blah blah blah."

    "La la la....WHAT!!?!?!?! ROM!?!??!??!!"

  7. ROM incinerated my head once. Thankfully, I got a head transplant.