Friday, September 07, 2007

Jim Shooter on "Legion" -- Thoughts

Examining the news that Jim Shooter & Francis Manapul will be the official team on "Legion of the Superheroes" as of issue #37, I really can't see how DC could screw this up. I mean, it really seems like a winner.

Of course, to drag the series down with "Countdown" lore would be a stumbling block. But honestly, given Shooter's temperment as a writer, I find it unlikely he would cotton to being editorially dictated to. So if Shooter is left more or less alone to be "Shootery" it could work.

But also, "Legion" has always been Paul Levitz's pet book, and I can't see him letting it get dragged in the mediocity that has gripped a good portion of the DC Universe line.

On a related subject -- how charmed is "Legion" editor Mike Marts? First he was freed from "Countdown," then he gets the "Batman" books, which currently are the only DC books I read with any real enjoyment. Honestly, this is the best "Batman" has been (I don't include Frank Miller's "All-Star" as a "real" Bat-book) in many many years. Then he gets Shooter/Manapul on "Legion."

I also wonder if Marts ever worked with Shooter at Acclaim/Valiant during that "Unity" event the company was supposed to put out right before it folded, and how the rapport is between the two of them.

And I'm pretty sure not everybody in the DC offices are thrilled regarding Shooter's return. There is a reason it has taken this long to get him back on "Legion."

I remember Shooter visiting the offices about 4 years ago. All I saw was the very top of his head, somewhere very close to the ceiling. He's quite the presence in person.


  1. I loved Shooter's original Legion work. Let's just hope his return isn't like that of Claremont to the X-Men or Wolfman to Nightwing...

  2. Wait -- you saw the TOP of Shooter's head? Good grief, woman, you must be something 12 feet tall!!

    :) [runs]

  3. I have been wanting to check out Batman for the whole Ras thing...

    But I can say that Jeph Loeb may have written a terrible Wolvie, but his Batman reigns supreme as the only Batman tales I have ever enjoyed.

    Im more of a Teen Titans/JLA kind of guy Ive never gotten into the Bat or Supes books, theyve always been more iconic media and cartoon characters that fit on a team but their solo stuff has always missed me.

  4. Mike Carlin is the name most often mentioned as the reason for Shooter's non-presence at DC for the last 20 years. According to Shooter, he fired both Carlin and Denny O'Neil from Marvel when he was EIC over there. Carlin, understandably, was upset and has held a grudge ever since, and according to the internet (which is never wrong) is the reason why Shooter's "Last Legion Story" never got anywhere even though Levitz wanted it.

    - Michael @ Legion Omnicom

  5. File Under: "Will NOT Wait For Trade." I was diggin' "Unity 2000" for all two issues released. I flipped through them, but the only place I saw Mike Marts name was under an Armorines ad. Who the heck is Omar Banmally?

  6. Hey there!

    I seem to recall an interview Shooter did a few years back where he had very nice things to say about Mike Marts as Marts was the editor on Unity 2000 before Acclaim folded. Once Marts moved to Marvel, Shooter said the then new X-editor was gunning to get him some new Marvel work, but someone at Marvel put the kibosh on the deal. Still, it seems that Marts and Shooter had a pretty good relationship through the whole thing, and it's no surprise he's on this book now.

    Sorry I can't recall where I read those Shooter comments. Maybe CBR?