Monday, September 10, 2007

What Comic Fans Talk About Over Drinks

Continuing my coverage of the Baltimore Comic Con, I report on a lively discussion me and a select group of comic fans had over drinks at the James Joyce Pub about comic books. It reminded me of Jon Faveau's IFC program "Dinner For Five."

I thought I would share an excerpt of the conversation with you. Keep in mind in the background is a bad cover artist singing "Piano Man" and "Wonderwall."

"You know who the biggest jerk is in the Marvel Universe? Peter Parker. Peter Parker is an emo bitch!"

"If you go out with Daredevil, you will DIE."

"Daredevil is always lying over a statue and crying."

"Everything is better than Bendis."

"But I like Bendis..."

"Remember when Brubaker brought Bucky back? Augh!"

"I thought it was very badass."

"I don't like cyborg arms."

"Yeah, it's very 90s."

"You know what was stupid? When Gambit got super-powers and could fly."

"Just saying 'Gambit' is fucking retarded."

"Brubaker put half half his X-Men team down. That's very badass."

"I liked how Shadowcat freaked out and phased Hulk into the ground."

"Shadowcat always threatened to do that, but she never did before."

"Well, Hulk bent back Colossus's arms."

"That issue was really f**king cool!"

"I thought 'All-Flash' #1 was horrible."

"The first issue of the series was ok."

"I didn't like steroid baby. He's gotta go."

This snippet has been edited to omit awesome bits of gossip and devastating volleys of nuclear snark. Because that's how I roll.

And in case you are wondering, I had a glass of the 2004 Poppy Pinot Noir, which was smoky with a rich fruity aftertaste.


  1. "I didn't like steroid baby. He's gotta go."
    Oh, that has 'email signature' written all over it!

  2. I was all set to go to the con this weekend.

    Then my wife gave birth. So I spent the weekend with my own tiny Spider-Girl.