Monday, September 10, 2007

Occasional Previews: What I'm Buying This Week!

Okay, here is the first official installment of my weekly focus on the books (and other various and sundry products) I am looking forward to this week.

The categories are YES! (definitely buying), MAYBE! (maybe buying), I SHOULDN'T DO IT! (stuff I feel compelled to buy that I'm sure I will regret), and LIKE IT/NO MONEY! (self-explanatory):

JLA Wedding Special #1 (for McDuffie)
Suicide Squad: Raise the Flag #1 (for Ostrander)
Daredevil #100
Thor #3

Thirteen Steps #1 (Desperado Publishing, I heard this kicks ass)

Booster Gold #2 (ah, it is so tempting! Just to see!)

Confessions of a Blabbermouth (tempting, but I just don't want to drop the $10 this week)
What are YOU looking forward to this week?

And what would you recommend?


  1. someone PLEASE do me a big favor and go vote for ryan/buffy on comixfan's superhero idol contest.

    do it for buffy!!

    click here!

  2. This might sound strange but I never bother to find out whats coming out from week to week. So I'm always surpised whenever I walk into the shop.

  3. Dude, the first issue of Booster Gold was ace! Where is the joy? The joy that should be in your soul?

  4. My own personal hesitation about Booster Gold, and for that matter JLA and Suicide Squad and any other DC book I'm not currently getting, is that it will either tie directly into Countdown at some point or all get tossed aside if there is another revamp as part of Final Crisis. I'm not necessarily going to cut any more DC titles from my pull list (though there really isn't much more to cut - I'm down to six DC universe titles, the lowest number of DC titles on my pull list in the twenty some years I've had a pull list), but I'm not adding any DC titles, either, at least not until the current Crisis mania is over.

    (And don't mention Didio's comment at Baltimore that Final Crisis leads into something else - I'm going to pretend that was a joke, at least until circumstances show otherwise.)

    Of course, I'll probably break down and get Booster Gold, JLA: Wedding Special, and Suicide Squad anyway.

  5. Fair points all around, but how would a countdown tie-in, future retcon, or other editorial disaster change the issues that are the shelves from this week from being (potentially) good? Didio's kind of a jerk, but I don't think he's reached the point of breaking into the homes of fans and tearing up their issues.

    I look at it as there being a lot of crap from both publishers right now, but as long as it doesn't drastically effect the books I want to read, that's more their problem than mine.

    I share your pull list pain, though - I haven't updated my list in ages, preferring instead to grab most of my books of the shelves. Quality levels at both Marvel and DC have been in such flux that there's not a lot I can trust to be good each month.

  6. Thanks for the heads up on Thor #3!
    What's the Deal with DD #100? I love DD, but I haven't bought it lately.

    I think I'll pretty much be getting everything in your top list...
    and, yes, I wasn't as pumped as others by Booster #1. I think I'll wait to see what the blogs say and pick up the trade. Yes, I think we have a plan.

    What else will I buy this week? I dunno. Probably a muffin. God, I love a good muffin. They are just the best.