Monday, September 03, 2007

"Who" Fate Uncertain

The BBC has confirmed a "gap year" for the popular sci-fi series "Doctor Who," meaning there will be no new shows for 2009.

Instead, there will be three "Who" specials run during the gap year.

Also, Catherine Tate, who guest-starred during the 2006 Christmas special, is set to reprise her role as Donna for the complete 2008 season.

Where the return of Donna leaves Doctor Who's assistant Martha is a big question mark, though actress Freema Agyeman is also signed on for 2008.

In other news, actor David Tennant is a bit of a cutie-pie, but of course that's totally not why I watch "Doctor Who."


  1. Martha's showing up in the second series of Torchwood first, and then near the end of the third Doctor Who series, so the Doctor winds up in a threesome (oo-er, missus!).

    Looks like no series for 2009, only 3 specials with Tennant written by Russell T Davies, then a fifth series for 2010, which seems to imply that Tennant may not be coming back for the fifth series.

  2. Yeah, Martha's in the last three episodes . . . which is fine. They spent a lot of time meandering about, not knowing what the hell to do with her character. Even towards the end, where she was much better, it was kind of a relief when she took off. I think Tate's character will offer something that's actually a little different from Rose, which will be very nice.

    I hope the specials are at least 2 hours each - more often than not, the self-contained episodes suck, unless they're written by Steven Moffat.

  3. It should be noted that "Uncertain" isn't exactly the right word to use, since they have confirmed a fifth series. They've just also confirmed a year off between series 4 and 5.

  4. I think it's a good thing. A rest for the team will do them the world of good! I'll miss the show but that's what DVD was invented for!