Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Obligatory OJ

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  1. It is funny that people seem to forget that our justice system is based on the notion that one is innocent until proven guilty. Couple that with the fact that OJ was found innocent by a jury of his peers, I'm left to wonder why exactly so many people think they know what happened better than those that were literally steeped in the case.

    Also figure in the bizzare racial connotations of the case (black man killing white woman. Allegedly.) and the even more bizzare racial lines the case drew in the sand. Just saying, guys, food for thought.

    For the record, I honestly don't know what happened to Nicole Simpson. Neither do you.

    PS. Funny (strange funny) story told to me by an ex girlfriend once. Apparently, the father of said ex-girlfriend went to the same High School as OJ's first lawyer (the one before Shapiro) At a high school reunion, after some drinks, the lawyer and my ex's dad got to talking and the lawyer recounted the following story:

    One night, around 4am, the lawyer gets a phone call from a frantic OJ. "I did it, god, I'm so sorry, I killed Nicole!" said the frantic OJ. The lawyer calmly then explained that he could no longer represent OJ and to please, never repeat what he just said to him again.

    True story? BS? Who knows, its a good story though.