Friday, September 14, 2007

Fangirl Fridays

found on Scans Daily

"You Still Buy your Comics?"
What trade paperbacks do you recommend an ex-reader who is looking to sample something great?

That's the question I faced when my brother came to visit Tuesday from Chicago.

We tried to turn him on to "Cable & Deadpool," but my bro just couldn't get past the Rob Liefeld cover.

"But most of the book has nothing to do with Liefeld!" we assured him. But no dice.

We settled on:

1) Invincible Vol. 1
2) Fantastic Four: 1 2 3 4
3) What If? Vol. 1

Of course, we pushed the books on him despite the fact that he kept saying:

"But I can download any of this for free..."
"Read them on the plane!"

Big Laffs
I know this is off-topic, but watching Jessica Alba in the commercial for that "Good Luck, Chuck" movie makes me want to burn my eyes out. I love the scene with the obese African-American woman jumping Dane Cook. As Hollywood knows, there's nothing funnier than an obese African-American woman.

Begs to differ:

"Don't Work With Kids Or Animals"

These damn Flash kids are like the Jessica Alba/Ryan Reynolds of "Blade 3" -- kinda cute but don't need them, don't want them. They are like Brian Bonsall in stereo.

Also,Are these guys dead yet? Please?

Yeah, I know Dini was going for "Rosencrantz & Guildenstern." He got "Lenny & Squiggy."

Paul Gulacy Week Is Next Week On "OS"!


Writing Exercise For All You Aspiring Comic Authors
Here is your panel. Write the next scene:


Jamal Igle is pencilling "Countdown: The Search For Ray Palmer: Wildstorm." Now I gotta buy it. Even though it violates my policy of never purchasing any comic with two colons in the title.

"Come Out With Your Hammer Up!"

If Thor & his neo-Asgardians get holed up in that fortress floating above Oklahoma and the Bureau of Tobacco & Firearms get called in -- it's gonna get ugly!

Buy the "Sullen Grey" Trade Paperback!

Do you like how I fit that in?
But really, Jocelyn Gajeway and Drew Rausch's gothic thriller is a hoot:

Welcome to Autumn's Grove, a quaint little town where your fears manifest, then devour you whole. Only a few people are willing to face the madness lurking behind the facade, and not all of them will survive. Includes deleted scenes, a brand new short story entitled 'Fear,' and creator commentary!

All for $19.95, or half the price if you use this service.
Pre-order from Diamond now!

Well, that's all the time we have for "Fangirl Fridays" today! I know it's a little more terse yet strangely peppy than usual, but I have a little tummy ache (delicate flower that I am) and I've gotta make it short tonite.

I want to leave you with the velvet vocal stylings of Christopher Lee:


  1. ...there are no words.

    Is that from the Return Of Captain Invincible? That's by Richard O'Brien, right? Has a very Shock Treatment vibe.

    Apart, y'know, from Christopher Lee.

  2. Richard O'Brien survived "Shock Treatment?" Besides as a character actor? Surprise surprise...

  3. I like Fables as a recommendation these days.

  4. For trades, it's all about knowing your audience. I wouldn't say there was a single "good trade paperback" I could give my four-year old niece and my 32-year old roommate. (OK, 'Bone', but there are probably some people who wouldn't like 'Bone' out there. We call those people Commies.)

    And the next panel would be the black guy walking up, grabbing Dewey by the wrist, and saying, "Bad Dewey! Do you want a time out?" Then a second word balloon from him, saying, "I'm sorry, sir. He's developmentally challenged. And your name is?"

  5. It wasn't Jessica Alba in "Blade 3" that was Jessica Biel. Of course, she wasn't needed in the movie either.

    I just got into "Invincible" and it is addictive. Great TPB!

    If I was recommending to an adult I would add "Y: The Last Man" and "All Star Superman".

  6. I'd recommend any and all of the Waid/Wieringo Fantastic Four trades, the Ultimate Spider-Man trades, the Morrison/Porter JLA, and the first Ennis/Dillon Punisher trade to someone who's kind of into comics but doesn't know every character my heart.

    Too bad about the Cable and Deadpool trades though. I really enjoy following the series through those and consider some of the stories as involvingly complex and full of ideas as, say, JLA or Ultimates. A little continuity heavy, though, but it comes with the characters -- I can see why your friend might've been scared off.

  7. Jamal Igle is pencilling "Countdown: The Search For Ray Palmer: Wildstorm." Now I gotta buy it. Even though it violates my policy of never purchasing any comic with two colons in the title.

    No, no, no...please don't!! It stinks beyond the human capacity to understand..seriously!!! Save yourself!!!

  8. Chris Lee rocks in all he touches - seriously. Most times, it's a bad thing - he kinda reminds you how low quality everything else is around him, like howling 2 or that Star Wars movie where he had a swordfight with a frog.
    I've attempted to rise to your writing challenge, but I had to get a professional to help me with the broader philosophical nuances of the piece.

  9. The sole purpose of "Countdown: The Search For Ray Palmer: Wildstorm" is to make people who only read DC say, "Holy crap! That guy who looks like Batman just killed that guy! Wait, did that guy in white just call him his husband?" and for people who read Wildstorm to say, "PUT OUT A REAL FUCKING ISSUE OF THE AUTHORITY ALREADY!!"

  10. The only thing Blade 3 needed was MORE iPods. I mean really ... how do you fight vampires without iPods?

    Lenny and Squiggy ... classic.

    Great trades to pick up:
    Classic DCU:
    Morrison's JLA

    Elseworlds DCU:
    Red Son
    The Nail

    New DCU:
    All Star Superman 1

    Alternate Superhero universe:

    The Invisibles
    From Hell

  11. Next panel: "Sorry, my superhero name is Slapping-You-Guy... you can probably guess what my 'power' is."