Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Why I'm Supporting Sean McKeever & "Teen Titans"

I'm going on record here as saying that I completely support Sean McKeever's work on "Teen Titans" and am committing to reading six months of his run starting this month.

I had a chance to chat with Sean McKeever over at the Baltimore Comic Con. It was clear to me that he had a lot of enthusiasm and passion for "Teen Titans" and had good things planned for the title.

McKeever is best known for his work writing teenage and/or female characters in books like the Eisner-nominated "The Waiting Place," "Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane," "Sentinel," and "Mystique."

He will also be the new writer of "Birds of Prey."

I think a writer with that level of sensitivity and experience writing such characters is essential for a book like "Titans."

Once he gets through the very beginning of his run on "Teen Titans," and writes in all the requisite bits of exposition that makes switching teams on books initially a little rocky, I honestly feel he will get into his groove and be on a roll.

Of course, I'm not being Ms. Polly Pollyanna about this. Do I really know 100% that his run will be awesome? No.

But I have seen enough of his other work & talked enough with him to get a very good feeling and to trust enough to give the book a fighting chance.

So six issues of "Teen Titans" starting this month.


  1. McKeever getting Titans sounds rather nice. When's his run starting?

  2. It started last month with issue #50, but that was much more of a expository issue with the required flashbacks and stuff.

  3. My daughter loved his run on "Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane". I'm excited about what he can do with these characters.

  4. oh cool, glad I'm not too far behind. I liked the Johns stuff after the "One Year Later" jump (I'd never read the book before then), but guy what took over after that wasn't so much with the good.

  5. His first issue was really good, and considerably better than what Beechen had delivered so far. My only real complaint was how several pages were virtually identical to the ones already seen in Blue Beetle.

    I think McKeever should do a great job on both Titans and Birds Of Prey.

  6. I am still a bit skeptic since every time someone takes over a Johns book it just doesn't seem right to me.

    But I am going to give it a chance, I just wish Conner would come back and Geoff would soon follow his return :(

  7. I thought Spider-man Loves Mary Jane was one of the best things on the rack, & I'm happy to see McKeever getting a crack at some good-fit titles. BoP will miss Gail Simone, but there arn't a lot of writers I would be excited to see step into her shoes. TT will be GREAT, that is my straight up prediction. Bringing in the future Titans? Just a tip of the hat to the tales that have come before. Oh, & can I mention that M'gann M'rzz or whatever her drow name is? Miss Martian? Is such a great addition to the team, as is the new Blue Beetle. Um...I'm excited.

  8. Anonymous5:44 PM

    And its going to suck. Yes, I'm a pessimist for no good reason.