Friday, September 07, 2007

Fangirl Fridays

Occasional Superheroine Every Day Of The Week

I've been racking my brains over here trying to figure out how to organize my material better & bring it to you in more efficient peanut-buttery bite-sized pieces. So I've come up with a schedule:

Monday: "Occasional Previews"
Here is where I talk about what books I'm looking forward to this week. It will have commentary, previews, some shilling, some praise, just a lot of cool stuff.

Tuesday: I was going to make this one of three things:
a) New Talent Spotlight
b) Guest-blogger
c) Gossip column
Or maybe all three.

Wednesday: "Occasional Interviews"
I'll use my sweet connections in the biz to provide you with exclusive interviews. I'll ask the hard questions (really).

Thursday: "Occasional Reviews"
I review all the books I dropped my money on the day before.

Friday: "Fangirl Fridays"
I bitch about the previous week.

Saturday & Sunday: Sweet Freedom
Also, probably some stuff.

I'll still have my usual postings throughout the week, probably 3-5 each day.

It's a little ambitious, I know, but it could woik.

Baltimore: The Convention Schlep Continues

Well, today I depart for the Baltimore Comic-Con.

First thing to do is remove the "I Love Dexter" button from SDCC.

Do I have everything?

Laptop? check.

Tape-recorder? check.

Blackberry? check.

Cute Snoopy shirt? check.

Unlike San Diego, I'm entering this Con with no preconceived notions, plans, ambitions, or work schedule.

I find such an approach yields the most interesting results.

I can't promise I'll be providing coverage, photos, interviews, late-breaking news, whisperings from drunken getogethers at the hotels, or any of somesuch nonsense. But I just might, rabbit. I just might.

Psychedelic Craigslist Nightmare Romp: "Kelly"

Dan Goldman's "Kelly" is like a psychedelic Craigslist nightmare romp across a landscape of neo-nazis, weird-ass roommates, and generally messed-up shit.

This comic book artist answers a Craigslist ad for a share, and this really skanky dude Kelly is the guy with the apartment. Of course, no good can come of this.

"Please tell me he doesn't wipe his ass with paper towels."

The art and color is frenetic and crackles with nervous energy, painting a portrait of a man whose life has just taken a sharp left turn into the bizarre. "Kelly" the character looks and acts as if he has stepped out of a John Waters movie, a Loki-esque trickster of sleaze prepared to lead the comparitively normal Max down the rabbit hole. So to speak. Recommended.

Goldman, of the webcomic collective ACT-I-VATE, is the co-creator of the Eisner-nominated "Shooting War."

Read "Kelly" here.

Also, if you are so inclined, you can meet Dan & some of the ACT-I-VATE crew at the following two NYC venues (this weekend & next week):

Paul Gulacy Week!

Yes! One of my favorite artists ever, the master PAUL GULACY will be the focus of the week of the 17th to celebrate the release of his "Penance" book for Marvel.

We'll be doing a retrospective on his classic work on "Master of Kung-Fu" and the graphic novel "Sabre," and looking at more recent projects like the much underrated "The Grackle" and his "Catwoman" run.

Plus an exclusive interview!

Be there!

Relflections On The First Preview Pages Of Dwayne McDuffie's "Justice League"

(link for "The JLA Wedding Special")

1) McKone/Lanning art is solid. Are they doing the regular book? I wish they were doing the regular book. I'm tired of Benes for now.

2) Cheetah on Dr. Light: "He's a rapist & a murderer!" McDuffie had to address it. We were all thinking it, and he had to address it. Lex says basically "well we are all scumbags anyway, we can't be choosy." But there is reg scumbags and then there is rapist murderer scumbags.

3) "Injustice League Unlimited" crack: McDuffie's way of saying "this isn't teh old sucky JLA, this is teh good JLA written by teh guy who does that awesome cartoon."

All-in-all, it augurs well for his regular "JLA" run. Though my money is on either/both Black Canary & GA biting the big one and replaced with Mia and Connor. And you can flame me all you want about it, that's what I think & I'm stickin' to it! :-D

Well, that's all the time we have today for "Fangirl Fridays" --

I'll leave you with a trailer for yet another upcoming Frank Miller comic book movie:


  1. Hey, if you leave the Con early tomorrow and you're really, REALLY bored, you can always come visit the Central branch of the Pratt Library, where I'll be working instead of enjoying myself at said Con. *razzen frazzen*

  2. hmm..tuesday new talent spotlight huh? any way i can bribe my way in?

  3. ummm so that Wonder Woman image looks like a tranny... im just sayin...

    Very Felicity Huffman...

  4. ...What episode did that Adam West Batman footage come from?

  5. Are peanut butter size bites like little spoonfuls or the whole jar? ;)

  6. Paul Gulacy's been one of my favorite artists since my first or second exposure (either an old Master of Kung-Fu or Valkyrie! #2.) He's one of the few artists I'll follow onto otherwise unremarkble books, which helps explain why Doug Moench has a presence in my collection. "Penance?" Well, we all have our limits.

    I also love Mike McKone, and have made a few questionable purchases on his behalf as well. Pretty pages, and anyone referencing JLTF villains is alright with me. I have/plan to pick up McDuffie's Fantastic Four trade, a team I've never liked, so you know I'm waiting impatiently for those JLAs to get collected. I'd have to say though, as a Wonder Woman fan, Cheetah is far worse than Dr. Light. I lost count of all the gory bodies left in her wake. She's certified badass.

    I can't see Ollie or Dinah biting it, but Queen's getting hurt bad and the nuptials will not see completion.

  7. I like the idea of your schedule of thingees. I would suggest that you get someone to design you banners or something so that you can visually distinguish your daily features from just random blog tidbits. I think it will improve the visual sortability of your site, etc.
    And help people who like particular features find them... e.g., I'm most interested to read Fangirl Fridays.