Friday, September 21, 2007

Fangirl Fridays

Welcome to the latest edition of Fangirl Fridays, featuring a whole bunch of damn nice stuff.

Good God! I finally set up an office in the house. It has bulletin boards, Post-It notes, the whole schmear.

Comic books are everywhere in the apartment. Do you have this problem? We're thinking of getting longboxes to put them in. They're in regular bookshelves now (that ones that fit), but we might take the plunge and get the longboxes.

Once you get the longboxes, you're pretty hardcore. There is no real way to disguise your longboxes from the judging eyes of the non-comics initiated.

Yes, you could turn them into the frame for a bed. I don't recommend it.

Anyway, we heard there are plastic-coated longboxes for extra-special comic book goodness protection. Can a little spreadsheet on my computer with spaces to tick off variant covers be far behind??

Emo X-Men Fan Music Videos: My Torture
So we had the following argument at home as to whether Rogue from the "X-Men" movie phased like Kitty Pride when Wolverine put his claws through her. I could have sworn that she phased, but the BF insisted that she absorbed Logan's healing factor and that she was really stabbed.

Well, I was wrong -- so I was forced to watch emo X-Men fan music videos starring Hugh Jackman and Anna Paquin. And so you must share in my pain as Rogue & Wolvie cast longing eyes at each other to the tune of "Invisible Touch" by Genesis:

"The Meat Locker"
What erotic entertainment for wimmins looks like in the DC Universe:

Bored and went home early:

Pfeiffer's Day Off
Speaking of "The Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special," the infamous last three pages of that book have really taken the heat off of Will Pfeiffer for the ending to "Amazons Attack."

Who IS really plotting these DC events nowadays, anyhow?

Oh I know...

52.3 Gallons...
...the amount of collective snot punched out of Tony, Reed, and Stephen in "World War Hulk" so far. (One must assume somewhere along the line at least one of these gentlemen pooped their spandex as well)

The Character With The Saddest History In the Marvel Universe

His wife leaves him for Luke Cage, he gets cancer, and then he's killed in Civil War, draped with an ill-fitting tarp, and bulldozed into a grave.

Geez, somebody give this guy a one-shot or a Heroclix or something...

The Joys Of Comic Book Editing, Part One of Many

You really know you've been working in comics way too long when you get the spelling for "Dubbilex" right and the spelling of "Sterling" wrong. From "Countdown."

Special Thanks To My Sweet Babboo...

...for really helping me keep it real, honest, serious, on-track, etc. He takes a lot of interest in my work & my career and he's awesome!

See you next time on Fangirl Fridays!


  1. I share your problem with single issues all over the house. We have piles everywhere.

    If you guys are going to invest in getting long boxes I suggest going to this website:

    They are a little more expensive then regular boxes, but they work beautifully. I've only heard good things about them from people who own them.

  2. I know a guy who just put a wall of plastic drawers in his basement; colour me envious. There is a place in Manhattan called "The Container Store," & I think they came from there.

    Also, poor Thunder must be bored as hell.

  3. Long boxes are a life saver. Though I'm probably going to move to the short boxes. A full long box weighs as much as some of my furniture. I'm hoping a full short box will be more manageable.

  4. Man, that's a funny vid.

  5. Yes for the love of god, we have 400 heroclix of Hank Pym and not one of Goliath. I was happy his relative got to speak in WWH #4. I really want to see some people get creamed.

  6. Okay that X-Men video was completely terrible. Every single line was taken literally. Invisible touch? OMG.

    But the Star Wars video almost made up for it ;)

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  8. You really know you've been working in comics way too long when you get the spelling for "Dubbilex" right and the spelling of "Sterling" wrong. From "Countdown."

    Believe it or not, her name really was Serling. Dr. Serling Roquette, to be precise.

    And yes, it's sad that I actually remember that. :-(

  9. Believe it or not, her name really was Serling. Dr. Serling Roquette, to be precise.">

    Then LOTS of other people must have it wrong?

  10. Bill Cole Enterprises sells this sort of shelving system that you can slide short boxes into. They are stackable and you can slide the books in and out easily. I really like them, because stacked longboxes take up a LOT of real estate. If you have it, that's cool, but I don't really. I have, I think, 50 or so stacked shortboxes around my bedroom. My stereo sits on top one stack of them that I have at the 4x2 level right now.
    the funny thing is that as long as I don't draw attention to them no one really has any clue what they are and they don't seem to care.
    I think the collection drawers above are the same principal, but... you know.... lots more expensive and a LOT more real estate.

  11. Then LOTS of other people must have it wrong?

    I guess so. (shrugs) Not that it's a big deal at all; IIRC, she was named after Rod Serling.

    The only evidence I can find on short notice is this "Who's Who" page and an interview with Karl Kesel.

  12. she was named after Rod Serling.

    Which, makes sense - and is kinda of cool just not consistent at all. If some one gets it wrong - she should correct them 'in story' and watch her totally flip out.

  13. One more chiming in to say that "Dr Rocket"'s first name is Serling. No T. Really.

  14. 'Cause Sterling is a boy's name, duh.