Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fun With eBay: "Warbird Extra Sexy Thong"

Looking at this, I feel guilty, like I'm looking at "toy porn." Buzz Lightyear gets hairy palms over these pics.

Yours for only $4.00 starting bid on eBay!

(thanks Senor G!)


  1. Excuse me, I think I vomited a little in my mouth...

  2. hot.

    (but seriously, ew)

  3. I wanna be a monk. Seriously, I was doing pretty well on the whole celibacy thing anyway, but this makes me want to make it official.

  4. "Wish it into the cornfield, Johnny! Wish it into the cornfield!"

    My faith in humanity just dropped. Again.

  5. I'm as big a fan as the next person of the trend toward better defined bodies, but I draw the line at ball sockets and hinges.

    I get furbees. I get amputation. I get barnyard. I get scat. I get the why of a lot of this weird ass kink business.

    I do not get overly-articulated sexualized action figures. Also: Transformers slash. The fug?

  6. Cause you know ... the "underboob" shot is hotter than normal cleavage.

    /rolls eyes

  7. You owe me a new pair of eyes.

  8. Wow yeah...

    Here, this ought to cheer people up (might want to save it for when you get home due to the site mascot)

    Basically they've got a line of ball-jointed figures in Japan right now that are an offshoot of the popular Revoltech line (giant robots but with multiple points of articulation thanks to the joints).

    This time around, it's devoted to popular female anime characters and so far, these look to be the slickest thing to come out of the Revoltech line yet.

    Okay, enough of the sales pitch, hope that restores faith in humanity for some people >_>

  9. Extra points for the hot poses!