Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Newly-Savage She-Hulk Cover Gallery

Ok, so the new Peter David She-Hulk isn't exactly "savage." But it's going to have a harder edge than Dan Slott's run. David did a good job with "Supergirl," in my opinion, so I think it's surely possible that this new run on "She-Hulk" will be good. But she's really going to be kicking ass.

And of course,

Gotta love "Google Images"


  1. For the record, I'm totally buying this in trade. I can't think of a single character better suited to Peter David's talents.

  2. Mr. David is an awsome writer, whose writing has always been at its best when it has contained a certain amount of whimsy and wit.

    Provided he follows this 'fun with serious elenments' route, just like he initially did with Jen's Cousin, then this is going to be a corker :)

  3. who's the person playiong She-hulk in the last pic? it looks like mandy moore? right?