Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Video: Reader Mails "Amazons Attack" back to DC In Protest

I absolutely love this. See, this is polite protest in motion. No "Matt Idelson Must Die" t-shirts. Just some good YouTube action.


  1. That's great! I wish I'd thought to do that with comics I hated!

  2. Interesting. A very good way of sending a message.

  3. very awesome indeed.

    also i might add..i'm promoting my own death with 'Maddox Misery must die!' shirts. a bit ghoulish but i just had to. someone was doing it already and i had to beat em to the punch so my impending demise.

    i'm sorry i'm being a whore..but its for a good cause.

    back to the subject at hand..i think more people should send back crappy books. it'll sure send a message for them to stop with such shit books.