Friday, September 28, 2007

It's Funny Because He's Teh Gay -- GET IT???

It's funny because Piper is TEH GAY! Get it?

He's a homosexual and he wears prom dresses!

Because that's what gay men do!

Just in case you forgot that Piper was teh gay --

That's so funny!

Milton Berle from 1955 sez:

"That's Comedy!"
Can you imagine that if instead of a gay man this was with a woman or an African-American?

"Oh, I get it -- he's black! I forgot! It's an offensive joke, but it's just Trickster being a dick, so it's okay!"



  1. Hee hee hee. I'm totally serious about this...kicking Countdown when it's, um, down is still awesome!

  2. No, it's Trickster being a dick, but it's not "okay" -- however, it IS in character. Are we suddenly not allowed to read about characters who are dicks? It's not like Trickster's ideas are actually endorsed anywhere.

  3. Fracking countdown has something like this in almost every issue. There was some sort of shot from Trickster last week after the male strip club as well.

    Showing Trickster as a dick could be important, and it isn't being endorsed, and I'm hoping they are going to have it out in a drop down drag out. However, the way it is presented in EVERY comic is unnecessary, and most of the time they are poorly executed.

    I also doubt that we will see that kind of empowering resolution. Instead we will just get Piper putting up with it over and over again.

  4. Piper is gay? that's a bit out of left-field, isn't it?
    They should have foreshadowed a revelation like that. Maybe dropped a few hints to the reader.

  5. Clearly, Trickster is gay too, and is just hiding his attraction for Piper under a mask of low-key hostility. The big twist, in issue #13, will be a knock-down drag-out fight between the two of them that ends in a passionate liplock, and 'Final Crisis' will end with their marriage.

    Brave new world, people. Brave new world.

  6. The fact Piper takes this crap continually shows him to be so self-loathing its unbelievable. Or into Trickster.

  7. I don't, but to me it seems that tether screams "unhealthy relationship." ^_~

  8. Eh. Wasn't bothered by it. I and most of my gay friends have made similar jokes. I thought this one showed a little animosity between the characters, but I didn’t see it as a substantive attack. Jokes about putting on dresses are pretty common in gay bars, and they’re usually good natured.

    Piper and Trickster been making jibes back and forth through this whole thing. Personally, I was more bothered by all the comments by the heroes and some dopey actions by the Piper and Trickster that suggested that they were stupid when they should both be very smart guys.

  9. i think its funny and im a gay

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  11. To me, it's not offensive so much as just stupid humor that gets little to no chuckles out of me. I mean, I thought DC had good writers? Apparently, they're not very creative comedians.

    I can really see and exchange like this between two grown men...well, okay. Men, who wear ridiculous costumes that are not unlike prom dresses...yes, ok now it's perfect.