Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Which Marvel Universe Chick Is Preggers?

Is it...

...Jennifer Walters?
...Sharon Carter?
...or Ultra Girl?


  1. It's totally Ultra-Girl!

  2. The Tony Stark Hush Money Account takes another hit.

  3. I'm saying it's Sharon Carter.

    The art looks like it could be Steve Epting's, and the colour palette matches too.

    Of the five characters here, the most interesting story I can think of is Sharon discovering she's pregnant with Steve Rogers' kid while still dealing with the fact that she's secretly the one who shot him.

    Also, the name of the image is "cat30-3.jpg" and Captain America #30 came out in the States today.

  4. "Also, the name of the image is "cat30-3.jpg" and Captain America #30 came out in the States today."

    --but see, I could have done that on purpose to fool you

  5. Sharon Carter?

    Looks like Epting art and her and She Hulk are the only two I know of that have been boinking people lately.

  6. I say the person holding that pregnancy test is none other than Chris Crocker!

  7. I swear I have NEVER seen a pregnancy test like that.

    They're all either two parallel lines for pregnant (versus one for not) or a plus for pregnant (versus a single line for not).

    Based on line thickness? Too much muddy middle ground.

  8. Semi-off-topic query:

    Why does every comic book female wear nail polish? I mean, they regularly fight bad guys, you'd think it would constantly chip and they'd just not bother after a while. But they almost all wear it. I guess it's another "comic book physics" thing, huh?

  9. The answer is the same as the answer to every other question recently raised by Marvel:

    Wolverine. :)