Sunday, September 02, 2007

"Oh, He's That Italian Artist"

A real(ish) conversation I had about "Birds Of Prey" artist Nicola Scott:

"Hey, you ever heard of penciller named Nicola Scott?"

"He's doing Birds of Prey, isn't he?"


"Yeah, I think he's that Italian artist."

Actually, this is Nicola Scott:
Yeah, I can be a bit of a moron sometimes.

So when is Nicola drawing "Wonder Woman"???





  1. Wow, that's a guy? They grow 'em different over in Italy these days I guess.

  2. I just think it's great that more female artists are getting work, like Nicola and that nice French lady, Olivia Coipel. ;-)

  3. Don't beat yourself up-- Up until last week, I thought Alex Ross was Asian.

    Don't ask me where I got that.

  4. nicola would probably LOVE to draw WW
    I've never spoken to her on the occasions I've met her [back when she was a "HOT COMIC GIRL" and not working at dc] , but have spoken to her about wonder woman, we both agreed that megan gale should play WW.
    i think she'll be drawing WW sooner or later, and when i see her in october i'm gonna ask her if she'd PLEASE draw WW resembling Megan!
    aussies unite!

  5. Megan Gale? Not quite sure she's got the commanding presence of a Wonder Woman.

  6. I consider it a point of pride that I was able to wrangle Nicola for the Sheena cover... and I had no doubt she would knock it right out of the park!

    I can't wait for Nicola to draw Wonder Woman!